7 Incredibly Thoughtful DIY Long Distance Relationship Gifts

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Are you looking for DIY long distance relationship gifts? Look no further as here are 7 incredibly thoughtful gift ideas for long distance couples.

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Are you looking for DIY long distance relationship gifts?  Look no further as here are 7 incredibly thoughtful gift ideas for your loved one.

Long-distance relationships can be very tough. Factors like time differences, busy working schedules, and staying far away from your partner can often lead to a lack of communication. This also gives rise to the feeling of being physically and emotionally unavailable to your partner. So what can you do to keep the spark alive?

If some special days are coming up like anniversaries, birthdays, or Christmas, this is your time to show your partner that no matter how far away you are from them, you are still connected to them emotionally. You can even surprise your partner with a heartfelt, personal gift to show them your love, beyond the usual picture frame or photo album.

You can find a lot of expensive gifts that you could send your partner, but if you want it to be thoughtful, make a gift for them. Not only is it extremely cost-effective, but it also brings out your love and emotion for your partner.

DIY Long Distant Relationship Gifts

So, here is a list of some incredibly thoughtful DIY long-distance relationship gift options for you – 

DIY Photo Frame

One of the best DIY gifts for her is a photo frame. Not only is it extremely easy to make, but also a gift that your partner will love. The photo frame must contain a happy picture of you two so that whenever your partner feels distant from you or depressed because of the distance, they can always look at the picture and feel close to you. 

You can also make the frame according to your partner’s taste to show them that you know everything about them. For example, you could stick or paint their favorite flower on the frame, write a quote from their favorite author, or even write a verse of their favorite romantic song. 

  • Things needed: A basic blank photo frame, a printed photo of you and your partner, scissors, glue, markers, pens, dried flowers, or printed pictures of flowers, etc. 

Book of Texts

If you are looking for the best anniversary gift for your partner, you can make them a book of texts. Remember the time when you used to maintain a diary and stick pictures of your crush and draw with markers to make the page look attractive? It is something similar to that. 

Use a diary and stick or draw the conversations you had from the initial days of your relationship till this day. This will include all the flirtatious texts you initially sent or all the emotional and heartfelt texts. This gift is like a hug and will be a sweet reminder of your love and is sure to bring a broad smile to their face. 

  • Things needed: A blank diary or journal, printed screenshots of your texts (you could also draw them on your own), markers, pictures of you as your partner for decoration, glue, scissors, etc.

It will be one of the best DIY anniversary gifting options for your partner. 

“A to Z of Things That I Love About You” Lists

Another very creative and innovative way of letting your partner know you care for them is by making an A to Z list of things you love about them. Remember, everybody loves hearing good things about themselves. So you can use this opportunity to let them know the beautiful things you see in them. This could be a way of letting them see themselves through your eyes. 

  • Things needed: A diary or a notepad, decorations like colorful tapes and stickers, markers, pens, glue, and scissors. 

DIY WiFi Lamp

Here is another great gift idea, like friendship lamps. If you want to go all out and make a DIY gift that will mesmerize your partner, you should give them a DIY connection lamp. For this, you will have to make two DIY lamps – one for you and one for your partner. Both the lamps must be connected with WiFi, and touching one will light up that particular lamp and the one you have made for your partner. 

It does not matter in which part of the world it is located; once you touch the lamp, your partner’s lamp will also light up. This will definitely be a great gift for her. This could also be a great DIY Christmas gift, and you can easily follow the instructions available on Youtube. 

  • Things needed: Unifun touch lamp, NeoPixel ring 24, particle photon without headers, wooden dowel, 3/8 felt pads, USB phone charger.

Notes in a Jar

Another very beautiful, thoughtful, and creative DIY gift idea for your partner could be a notes jar. It could be anything like 365 notes for 365 days, where your partner would open one note daily. 

This is a great way of reminding them that the distance between you two does not matter. It will also remind them about how much you love them. 

  • Things needed: A glass jar, small pieces of paper, pens, and markers. 

DIY Wooden Bookmark

Another gift of sentiment for your long-distance partner would be a DIY wooden bookmark. It is very easy to make. The bookmark can have pictures of both of you stuck on it, or you could also write down the best memories you have with them. 

  • Things needed: A wooden piece, wood cutter, pictures, glue, and markers. 

A Few Handmade Gift Ideas:

  • Personalized Keychain
  • Monogrammed Pillowcase for your pillow
  • Personalized Playlist
  • Care Packages with your partners favorite snacks, inside jokes, a love letter, blanket and mementos
  • Bracelet set, one for you and one for your partner

DIY Gift Basket Ideas

Include some of these awesome ideas to create a custom and personalized gift basket. These make a great date night package. It also makes a great gift for a long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend. You can Facetime when they open it and do date night from a distance.

  • movies
  • candles
  • chocolate kisses
  • mug with hot chocolate or other beverage
  • gift card
  • piece of jewelry like a partner’s bracelet or necklace
  • ornament
  • build a memory box full of keepsakes notes, cards, photos, ticket stubs, etc
  • games like a deck of cards
  • tickets to an event

DIY Long Distant Relationship Gifts Conclusion

Making a DIY gift is the best way to show people how much you care for them. You do not need to have a big budget for it; only some creative skills, patience, and the thought behind the gift will be enough. So, choose one of the DIY gifts from the list mentioned above and tell your partner how much they mean to you. 

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Are you looking for DIY long distance relationship gifts? Look no further as here are 7 incredibly thoughtful gift ideas for your loved one.

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