Personalized Gift That Keeps Giving

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This quick, easy, and inexpensive gift is just in time for Grandparent’s Day in September. It could also be used as a gift for any holiday, and you can personalize it for any occasion or person.

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You’ll need the following items:
A shadow box style photo frame – this one comes with a wire in it. If you don’t find one with a wire you’ll want some wire as well. Mine came from Dollar Tree.
Fall Refrigerator Magnets – you can change these to any holiday or use other cut outs. (Dollar Tree)
Mini clothes pins (Dollar Tree)
Hot Glue
Permanent Marker

First you’ll need to open up your shadow box picture frame. This one does not have glass and you won’t need the glass for this project.
When I pulled the “example photo” off this photo frame back it had damaged it. I colored over it with sharpie but that didn’t help. I’ll be covering it up later anyway – so if this happens to you, don’t panic, there is a solution.

Pull the wire off if you have one on your frame. If you don’t have wire, cut a piece a little longer than the back of your frame back.
Slide on as many mini clothespins as you want. I’ll be using 3 and the larger one came with the photo frame.

Bend your wire back around the top end of your frame back. Use a secure tape or glue to hold the wire in place. The frame, once on will also hold this wire in place.

Pull off some fall magnets that you feel fit in your frame well.
You can adapt this for any holiday, or you could use foam or wood cut outs instead.

Using your permanent marker write special words on the magnets. I wrote the worlds “treat”, “story”, and “hug”. You can personalize this for the person you are making it for.

Place the magnets into the clothespins on the frame back.

Put your frame back together.

Using another magnet and write special words on it. I wrote “memories”, “treasures”, and “blessings”. You could write something like Grandma and Grandpa’s Treasures, or again personalize it for the person you are making it for.

Hot glue the magnet onto the bottom of the frame. I did this to cover the damage the stock photo made. You could also use a picture instead.

Here’s how it works –
Give the gift to the grandparents, and have them put it somewhere in their home where their grand kids can reach it (depending on age). When the grandchildren come to visit, they can grab one of the magnets off and hand it to their grandparent who will then – give them a treat/snack, read them a story, or give them a big hug.
It’s truly the gift that keeps giving and building memories!

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