Easy Gifts to Let People Know You Care

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Do you want to give an easy gift to let people know you care? Of course you do!

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Making a gift for someone makes it extra special. When you make them a gift, it’s from the heart. Even if you just follow someone else’s instructions, you’ve still gone to the trouble of finding something that someone will like and making it yourself instead of just buying them something. You don’t have to have a lot of experience with being crafty or making gifts to make something special. Whatever occasion you’re giving a gift for, you can put together a gift that will be appreciated without having any particular skills. Try some of these ideas for some thoughtful gifts that really show that you care.

Making a gift for someone makes it extra special. Try some of these ideas for some thoughtful gifts that really show that you care.

What are some thoughtful gifts to show you care

Handmade Soap

Everybody needs soap, but we have needed it even more over the last year. Constantly washing your hands can get a little boring, but it is important. If you want to spice it up a little, you could make some personalized soaps for the people you love. Making soap at home is easier than you might think, partly because you don’t make the soap itself from scratch. You’ll start with blocks of soap, which you then melt and can pour into molds, add color to and embellish however you want. Think about how to make soaps that are personalized for each person you give them to.


A card will often accompany another gift but it can also be a gift on its own, especially if it’s handmade. Making cards can become addictive, and a lot of people even start making them for friends and family and go on to sell them. You can find out where to find card making info online to learn some of the skills and also discover places to get supplies. You can do anything you want when making cards, whether you focus on what they look like or what they say.

Edible Gifts

Getting a gift that you can eat or drink is always fun. It might not last forever, but that’s a bonus for some people. It means the gift won’t clutter up their home and they don’t have to keep it forever. There are all kinds of edible gifts that you can make, and a lot of them are easy and quick. You could make your own chocolates by melting down some chocolate and putting it into molds. You can easily make infused vodka or put together some little kits for making hot chocolate or tea.

DIY Jewelry

Jewelry making is a lot easier than you might think, and there are lots of ways to do it. You can make jewelry out of various materials, so your jewelry might be made with metal components but it could equally be crocheted out of yarn. You can find hundreds and even thousands of quick DIY jewelry projects that will give you professional-looking results. There are all kinds of different styles available too, so you can find something appropriate.

Jewelry Box 

After you make your DIY jewelry, kick it up a notch by adding a DIY jewelry box. It is pretty simple to make, and there are many How-To videos that can take you through the process step-by-step. You can make it out of various materials like plastic, wood, or glass. And you can even personalize it with the person’s initials or their full name (or even their pet name if you have one for them). The jewelry box doesn’t only have to be feminine. You can even make one for your male friends and family. Masculine colors and textures will easily make it into the perfect gift. The box can even double as a gift box – just put a bow on it. Even if you don’t have DIY jewelry in it, still use it as a gift box and add the other gift inside, like either chandelier earrings for your girlfriends or real stone wrap bracelets for men.

Making your own gifts doesn’t have to be difficult. There are lots of easy projects that look great and will be received gladly.

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Making a gift for someone makes it extra special. Try some of these ideas for some thoughtful gifts that really show that you care.

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