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Making Magnets to Your Style! Great Gift Ideas!

Making Magnets to Your Style! Great Gift Ideas!
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Making magnets are inexpensive. Great for gifts/holidays, lockers, refrigerators, party craft/party favor, etc. Kids will have fun making these too.

You’ll need a bag of clear stones, mine came from the Dollar Tree.

Decide what you want to see through the stone – you can get really creative here… pictures of family/friends/pets/things you like, or sayings and print it on paper. You could instead use fabric or paint. If you print, you can use regular paper and inkjet/laser printer (make sure to let the ink dry completely). You can also use photo paper, card stock, etc.

You’ll need some Mod Podge & a paint brush.

Cut your design out so it is ready to be glued.

Paint your Mod Podge on the back (flat part) of the stone.

Put your image or fabric on the stone picture side down (you want to see it out of the front). Press out any bubbles with your finger. Place another coat of Mod Podge on the back of the image/fabric to seal it.

Let it dry.

You are now going to put your magnet on.

Get your glue gun and let it get hot. You can use other types of glue here, but you’ll want a strong one because you’ll be pulling it on and off a metal surface.

Put your hot glue on the back of the image/fabric/paint.

Put your magnet on top and let dry/harden. You can get circle magnets at craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and sometimes Walmart. I’m sure you can order them online as well.

That’s it – your done!

These are some I made for the people I work with.

These are painted magnets I made for my kids – you paint one layer of Folk Art acrylic paint at a time letting each coat dry between.  So I started with the “I heart U” and let that dry.  Then I painted the blue background and let that dry.   Hot glue on your magnet and your done.

Here’s one my daughter made of her favorite movie star.

Here is one my son made after he was inspired by the movie “Top Gun”.

Here is one of our dog who passed away and this one was made with a photo.

Again – so easy, inexpensive, and great gifts. Paint them, use fabric, print images, print inspiration quotes or words. The list goes on…

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