Fun Anniversary Gifts

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Trying to think of a fun gift for anniversaries can be tough. You want your spouse, family, or friends to feel special because of your present. You could go an easy route to cash in a card or a gift card, or you can give a gift. Either way it can raise a smile and brings real joy to your their lives because you thought of them. Take a look at these fun anniversary gift ideas.

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Go Personal

Rarely are there more appropriate times to be all sappy and personal than when giving an anniversary gift. The chances are that you remember the happiness and joy of the big day. The sun was shining, the couple looked glorious, they were so in love, and they were ready to spend the rest of their lives together. It makes sense that they would like to commemorate this special day every year. 

You can create your own gifts to give for this special occasion and some can even be personalized. You can see of my DIY gift ideas here. Don’t have a big budget? No problem you can upcycle items from thrift and dollar stores to create a beautiful gift. You can see some examples of these repurpose & upcycle ideas here.

Want more ideas you can personalize? Think about employing the services of a company that produces incredible portraits from photos. Reproduce a photo graph of the special day or perhaps a family portrait into an oil on canvas or as an incredible and delicate watercolor will make a great gift.


In lieu of gifts we have often planned a trip together to keep building memories. They don’t always have to be expensive trips either. We have done camping trips to landmark celebrations like our 10 year anniversary trip to New York.

Some of less expensive day trip ideas can be anything from a picnic at the park (or give the picnic basket as a fun gift idea), have a great evening at a free event like a concert or movie, go on a walk/hike/bike ride, scenic drive, star gazing, or maybe renting a paddle boat or kayak.

Other ideas include a weekend get away to a local place and VRBO/AirBnB are great resources where you can have a condo for the price of a hotel room. These same places are great for longer trips as well. We enjoyed a 3 week trip with our kid’s to Europe and stayed at these fantastic places and were able to keep our budget.

A couple more traditions we do to celebrate – cook dinner together replicating our wedding meal, watch your wedding video, look through the photos, and go visit our wedding venue and reminisce. Need that fun gift idea? You could cook dinner for that special couple.

If you are keen to a fun anniversary gift, don’t always go big! Use these ideas and go thoughtful.

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