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Easy Light Up Love Art for Your Home

Easy Light Up Love Art for Your Home
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I was asked to create a light up canvas art piece for Valentine’s day on a Hometalk Live show.  This is easy light up love art for your home and not just for Valentine’s Day but good for all year!

First paint your canvas – I used black acrylic paint which came from Walmart. Let it dry completely.

I purchased this mirror “Love” sticker from Dollar Tree.

Put the sticker at the bottom of your canvas.

Start putting in thumb tacks in the shape of a heart.

Leave it open in the middle or fill the whole thing in – the choice is yours. If you are worried about the back, you can hot glue the thumb tacks into place, or cut out a piece of foam board for reinforcements.

Use an ice pick to make holes where you want the lights to go.

Push the lights in through the back. These are a 10 pack of LED battery operated lights from Dollar Tree.

Add sticker embellishments if desired. I used jewel heart stickers.

Turn the lights on and you’re done.

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