20 Amazing Christmas Eve Box Ideas, Fun for Everyone

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What is a Christmas Eve Box? It’s a box that is opened on December 24th and is believed to come from old German traditions.

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What is a Christmas Eve Box? It's a box that is opened on Christmas Eve and is believed to come from old German traditions.

When I grew up, my family always opened our gifts from each other on Christmas Eve, and we opened Santa’s presents on Christmas morning. This was one of our family traditions, and I carried it into my family. My kids always look forward to opening a few things on Christmas Eve and opening the rest on Christmas morning.

What do you put in a Christmas Eve box?


There are no specific rules to what you can put into a box. It’s really up to you and the traditions you want to start. An example of a themed gift box might look like this:

  • A holiday movie like The Santa Clause, Elf, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Home Alone, something that is perfect for any age or group of family members.
  • Snacks – whether it’s snuggling up by the fire, watching the movie, playing board games, snacks always go over well. Try things like hot chocolate, popcorn, hot apple cider, or even chocolate fondue.
  • Games – These can be games for the whole family to play together.
  • A Christmas Book – examples might include Twas the Night Before Christmas, or The Polar Express
  • Pajamas – it’s become very trendy to open a box where everyone has a new set of matching pajamas to wear on Christmas together.

What goes in a Christmas Eve box for adults?

  • A Candle always sets the mood and create magical ambiance.
  • Beverages from egg nog to an alcoholic treat, something special to cozy up together and watch the tree glow.
  • Naughty and nice treat indulgenes – it’s that time of year where we snack on things that remind us of our childhood memories, or enjoy some of our favorite things.
  • Mistletoe – a time honored tradition to hang these in our home for an extra excuse for a kiss.
  • A Book – A Christmas Carol is a classic and time honored tradition.
  • Blanket – who doesn’t love to snuggle up under a warm and fuzzy blanket.
  • Movie – Some of our favorites are Christmas Vacation, Trading Places, Die Hard (yes we count it), It’s A Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street to name a few.
Christmas Eve Box

where can I buy a christmas eve box?

  • Etsy has the biggest selection and the most versitle.
  • Amazon

what can I dIY for a Gift Box?

What are some gift box or gift basket ideas?

You can learn a little more about the history of the Christmas Eve Box

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What is a Christmas Eve Box? It's a box that is opened on Christmas Eve and is believed to come from old German traditions.

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