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Carving Fake Pumpkins

Carving Fake Pumpkins
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Here is an inexpensive and simple way to carve your fake pumpkins. No power tools, or hot knives needed.
Pick up your fake pumpkin – they sell them at craft stores like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or you can often find them at Target and Walmart. Mine came from an after Halloween sale at Walmart.
I decided to paint mine to make it look more real – thanks to this wonderful tutorial and simple process you can find on Hometalk here: http://www.hometalk.com/22032593/how-to-make-…>
I made 2 pumpkins – one with the word “Fall” and the other is a pumpkin face. Your first step is to draw on your word or face with a pencil. I used stencils to help me with my word. If you make a mistake – no problem, just erase and start over.
I bought this 4 pack of serrated knives from Dollar Tree as I didn’t want to use any of my good knives on the pumpkins. (I actually tried a pumpkin carving kit knife first and that did not work.)
First I cut a hold in the bottom of the pumpkin where I could put a strand of lights or a fake led candle in.
Next I used the serrated knife to cut out my carved design. The trick is to go slow and steady.

    I decided to go with a strand of orange lights from the Dollar Tree but you could also use a led candle.
    Here are the pumpkins lit up.

      What’s great is that you can use these pumpkins inside or outside if you have a covered porch!
      The best part is I can use them all fall. Before or after Halloween, I can simply pull out the lights, and rotate them so they are just pumpkins!
      Happy Fall Y’all!

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