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Fake Pumpkin Beverage Dispenser

Fake Pumpkin Beverage Dispenser
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Turn a fake pumpkin into a beverage dispenser for the holidays. It’s easy, and reusable.

You will need:
A fake pumpkin (they’re on clearance right now and mine came from Hobby Lobby and Target.)
I first painted them to make them look more real using brown acrylic paint and water mixed together. Paint it on, and then pat it off until you get the desired look. You can find a great tutorial on this here: http://www.hometalk.com/22032593/how-to-make-…>
I cut the lid off the first one using a serrated knife. I didn’t want to use my good knives so I bought a 4 pack from Dollar Tree.
For this first pumpkin I’m using box wine.
Next you’ll cut a hold out for the dispenser to come through. I found a juice glass I had about the same size as the dispenser to trace and measure about how big the hole needed to be.
Open up the wine box and pull out the bag of wine with the dispenser. Place the bag in the pumpkin, and pull the dispenser out the hole of the pumpkin. Add a few reusable ice packs into the pumpkin to keep the wine cold of desired.
For the second pumpkin I wanted to insert a dispenser that I could use any kind of beverage I wanted.
I cut the lid off using a serrated knife.
Next you’ll cut a hold out for the dispenser to come through.
This is the dispenser I will be inserting into the pumpkin.
You can make lemonade, sangria, tea, etc in this one. Again, add the reusable freezer ice packs around it to keep your beverage cold.
Not only can I use these for Thanksgiving this year, but I’ll be able to use them all fall for any celebration – Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone!

fake pumpkin beverage dispenser

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