13 Ways To Celebrate Spring Has Sprung

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What does the term spring has sprung mean? It means the end of winter, and things start growing like grass, flowers, and new life.

After what may seem like a long and tedious time, we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, and spring has come at the same time. It’s one of the most beautiful times of the year, but it can be far too easy to let spring slip away from you.

What does the term spring has sprung mean?  It means the end of winter, and things start growing like grass, flowers, and new life.

There are many things that happen around spring such as taxes, and the end of the school term, so it’s not surprising that you can blink and it’s gone. Stopping to smell the flowers that have started to grow again is usually something that is last on the list. 

13 Ways To Celebrate Spring has Sprung: 

1. Sort Through Your Wardrobe

One of the first things you should do is sort through your wardrobe. Spring is the perfect time to get rid of the old and bring in the new. It can be incredibly uplifting to sort through the pieces that are longer fit or out are of fashion when the season is transitioning. So, before you pack away your winter jumpers think back and ask yourself if you wore each one during the winter. You could also sort through your spring/summer clothes as you get them out of the wardrobe.

2. Start A New Journal

There is something about spring that makes you feel like starting a new chapter. Think about buying a new journal or notebook. This is the perfect time of year to start writing about all your plans, your achievements, and everything inspiring. Each day that you journal, make sure you remember what you are thankful for, and write about what you like about yourself. 

3. Get Planting And Bring The Outside In 

Whether you live in a small apartment or the countryside, flowers and plants can easily transform your home and make it feel welcoming. Spring is one of the most colorful times of the year when it comes to flowers so make the most of it. Look at planting some new plants in your garden or get some house plants. Treat your home to a sweet spring arrangement of spring’s prettiest plants. You will be surprised how much it helps brighten your home

4. Go For A Short Walk Every Day 

Now that the weather is really starting to brighten up, make sure you spend some decent time outdoors. If you have the chance, take a short walk on your lunch break, or take a stroll outside when you get the opportunity, even if it’s just walking to the shop rather than using the car. 

5. Make Sure You Enjoy Nature 

Some of the most beautiful things about spring are the flowering trees, new life, and flowers blooming. Spring brings a sweet mix of bright colors. So make sure you make the most of it and spend some time in nature. Try visiting a botanical garden or nature reserve to admire the beauty that spring has to offer. 

6. Have A Picnic In The Park

Another brilliant way to enjoy the warming temperatures is to pack up a picnic basket and have a few meals outside. Spread out a blanket or quilt and enjoy a sunny picnic in your favorite park. 

7. Go On A Spring Trip 

Spring trips are a great way to shake off the last cobwebs from winter. Although many of us can’t go on any trips abroad this year, we can still plan some days out nearer to home. As daily life and the freedom to explore becomes more available, it’s a great time to get out and about. 

8. Make The Most Of The Seasonal Fruits And Vegetables

Why not visit a farmers market and try some of the fantastic seasonal fruits and veggies? There is nothing that screams springtime more than enjoying them at the peak of the season. 

9. Get Your Windows Open 

After many months cooped up indoors, it will feel amazing to clear your home out with tons of fresh air. Spend some time enjoying the crisp spring breeze and ventilate your home. Even if you usually dry your clothes in a dryer, think about airing your laundry outside. You are guaranteed to have a super fresh smell that lasts. 

10. Go On A Bike Ride 

There is just something about riding your bike on a warm day with a nice cool breeze. If you don’t have your own bike you could try renting bikes for the afternoon and taking a cycle around your hometown or just your neighborhood. 

11. Go Shopping For New Clothes 

When it comes to fashion there are only usually two seasons that are important spring and fall, and they are the two seasons that people often use to update their wardrobes. Although summer and winter shouldn’t be forgotten, they are easy seasons to add in a few items such as a coat or swimwear. Spring, on the other hand, is a transitional month and the one with the greatest clothing selections. Now that we are going to be able to shop in stores why not choose a day to go shopping and treat yourself to some new clothes? 

12. Redecorate 

Spring is an inspiring season and provides you with an air of renewal, which is the perfect time to revamp your home. Think about redecorating with a new color or rearranging your furniture. You can make your home feel completely new and refreshed with just a lick of paint and a change of color. Think about adding a feature wall to your master bedroom or family room or tone down your space by using white walls and adding color with accessories such as curtains, cushions, and throws. 

13. celebrate with plants and flowers

When you’re listening to the song of spring (birds chirping) you can make a gorgeous basket with terrific textures to place in your home. The cost of roses can be expensive but you might be able to talk to your florist and get your hands on some Florida foliage like Florida ruscus and stick it in a floral white cube or better yet something that absorbs to make the flowers last. Add some lily grass and the freshest flowers. Place it on an end table or the edge of a desk to enjoy. Don’t know what to pick, consider consulting expert florists

Put some plants in pots or plant seeds to get them going to transplant outside. Ideas include:

  • foxtail fern
  • sword fern
  • fresh flowers for spring like purple african violet
  • beautiful flowers for summer that can take on the hot temperatures like yellow begonia, pink kalanchoe, and additional flowers

Gear up for May Day and place flower gift baskets with the above or create an assortment of lovely plants or hand-arranged flowers or fresh flower bouquets on a recipient’s front door and run. Be sure to hide and peek so you can see the recipient’s enjoyment. Don’t forget Mother’s Day flowers are coming soon too. Don’t want to DIY it, you can call the top flower shop to help you build the perfect custom bouquet, perfect flowers, or they’ll have a collection of fresh flower arrangements. They’ll also set you up with a complimentary personalized message, and floral delivery (sometimes they even offer same-day flower delivery.

Spring has Sprung Conclusion

This list should give you some great ideas for how to make the most of spring, it’s one of the most beautiful times of the year so make sure you get out there and enjoy it.

Do you have any other ideas that should be added to the list? Please ask in the comments below.

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What does the term spring has sprung mean?  It means the end of winter, and things start growing like grass, flowers, and new life.

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