Side Table With Bonus Cooler!

Side Table With Bonus Cooler!
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I am super excited about this project and can’t wait to share it with you. This is an easy and inexpensive side table that doubles as a cooler! So useful and the best part is that you can take it with you – football games, parties, camping, etc.

You’ll need a 15″ plastic flower pot and a pizza pan to create the table. I got both of mine from Walmart.

I was working with Hometalk on a video for this and we talked about options to spruce it up a bit more. We decided to try and give it a galvanized steel look. (Thanks Kara for the idea and help.)

Optional Step – I used Rustoleum paint, sprayed it, let dry completely, and I waited 24 hours before it was ready for use.

Here comes the fun part! Add some ice to the inside of your flower pot.

Fill the flower pot with a variety of your favorite drinks for everyone.

Put your pizza pan on top and it will serve as the table top.

So simple and now you’re ready to enjoy your side table!

When you’re ready for a beverage – open the lid…

Everyone can get what they want.

It’s transportable, great as a gift idea, & useful for holidays and yard parties. We love ours and are so happy with how light, useful, and portable it is.

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As seen on Hometalk – click here to see the video!


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