How to Streamline Your Weekly Cleaning Routine

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Do you want to know how to streamline your weekly cleaning routine? I have 4 tips to share that you won’t want to miss!

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Family homes are busy places, there’s always something going on and messes being made. Somewhere in all this, you and your family need to keep things somewhat clean and tidy. Rather than spending every spare minute cleaning, you should find ways to streamline your cleaning routine so that it all gets done.

Let’s get started with our weekly cleaning routine


A vacuum can be your best friend. It not only cleans your floor, but you can use it to clean several other things like baseboards, dusting, blinds, etc without breaking your back. You can check out my post on 13 vacuum cleaning tips and tricks.

Use a Cleaning Caddy

When you’re doing a full clean, you might find yourself going back and forth between rooms a lot. Or you might be constantly popping back to the room where you keep your cleaning supplies. 

It’s a seemingly minor issue, but those little interruptions do add up. Thankfully, a simple problem has a simple solution. A cleaning caddy is perfectly designed to carry everything you need to get things done, without constantly doubling back on yourself.

Place some washcloths in a container and pour vinegar over the cloths - you can dilute with water as you made the multipurpose cleaner from above if you like. Use to wipe up surfaces, launder, and use again. You can also throw these in the dryer to soften clothes.

The Power of Vinegar

Another way to streamline your cleaning process is to streamline your cleaning products. Distilled white vinegar is cheap, easy to find, and a fantastic green alternative to harmful chemicals. Even better, it can be used to clean all kinds of things around the house.

Some great vinegar tips include using it as a multipurpose cleaner, a microwave cleaner, and even a deodorant for your shoes. There are plenty of other ways to use vinegar in your chores, making things so much simpler.

Clean Windows Easily

Cleaning windows can be tricky, especially if you have deep windowsills and large windows. Even if you can manage to get the inner windows done, you still need to somehow clean your outside windows. 

One way to do this is to hire a window cleaner. However, there might be a way to kill two birds with one stone. A magnetic window cleaner can be used to clean both the outside and the inside of your windows simultaneously. Even better, you can find a robotic version of this handy little tool. This means that you can set it away and do something else while your windows are cleaned for you.

If you want to clean your windows easily you can check out my post Eco Friendly Window and Mirror Cleaning

Get Help

If the whole family can make a mess, then they can help out as well. If you get your family to help clean up, then it can cut down on the jobs that you would otherwise have to do. Hopefully, it might encourage your kids to make a bit less mess as well, once they know what’s involved in cleaning it up.

One tip is to have a rota with a chore or two for each child. Tasks should ideally be assigned according to what’s appropriate for their ages and abilities. You can’t expect an eight-year-old to be quite as proficient at certain chores as a fourteen-year-old, for example. 

However, there should be a measure of balance. If your children already have a schedule full of schoolwork and extracurricular activities, you shouldn’t aim to fill every free minute with chores. They need rest just as much as you do. Hopefully, if you all work together, then everyone will be able to relax sooner rather than later.

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