Summer Chores: How To Upgrade Your Cleaning Routine

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What are some summer chores you should do? Here is a list of ideas to upgrade your cleaning routine and enjoy your home.

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Summer allows you to spend time outdoors and make fun memories with loved ones. However, many overlook the essence of cleaning in preparation for this season. According to research, only 28% of US households frequently perform a deep clean. As the temperature rises, revamping your cleaning routines to match the demands of the sun-drenched days is essential. A clean living environment contributes to your well-being by reducing stress, aiding clean indoor airflow, and so on. If you’re wondering how to upgrade your cleaning routine for the summer, here are a few tips to guide you.

What are some summer chores you should do?  Here is a list of ideas to upgrade your cleaning routine and enjoy your home.

Summer Chores

Streamline your decluttering process

Clutter can leave us with homes that feel ciaotic. With longer days and abundant natural light, summer offers the perfect opportunity to declutter your living space. Start by assessing each room and identifying items that no longer serve a purpose. Consider donating or selling these items to create space and openness. Invest in functional storage solutions that blend seamlessly with your décor, such as stylish bins or floating shelves. Streamlining your decluttering process will create an environment promoting relaxation during summer. Instead of holding onto old magazines and newspapers, consider recycling or repurposing them into DIY projects like papier-mâché bowls or unique wall art. That will help declutter your space and add creativity to your home.

Embrace green cleaning practices

Summer is ideal for embracing eco-friendly cleaning practices that keep your home spotless and reduce your environmental footprint. You can start by swapping out harsh chemical cleaners for natural alternatives like vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. They are equally effective in tackling stubborn stains and smells. Take the time to explore eco-friendly cleaning products available in the market. These products are created to be free from harmful chemicals and promote sustainability. 

Additionally, incorporate microfiber cloths and reusable mop pads into your cleaning routine to reduce waste and save money in the long run. All the better if you create a homemade all-purpose cleaner by mixing equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle. This solution can clean windows, countertops and even remove grime from your outdoor furniture, providing a safe and environmentally-friendly cleaning experience.

Revamp your outdoor spaces

During summer, your outdoor spaces, including pools, become an extension of your homes and serve as a gathering spot for friends and family. When upgrading your cleaning routine, revitalize your outdoor areas, like the patios, decks, gardens, and pools. Start by assessing the condition of your swimming pool and ensuring that the water is clean and properly balanced. It is also recommended to regularly skim the surface for debris and use a pool vacuum or brush to clean the walls and floor. Check and clean the pool filters to maintain optimal filtration and circulation. It’s important to remember that pool maintenance requires specific knowledge and expertise. Therefore, consult a professional or refer to reliable resources for detailed guidance on pool cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Optimize air quality

Good air quality is crucial for a comfortable and healthy living space in the summer heat. Upgrade your cleaning routine by focusing on air purification methods. Start by regularly changing air filters in your HVAC system to maintain optimal airflow and reduce allergens. Remember that allergies are at their highest during the summer. While at it, consider adding indoor plants like aloe vera, spider plants, or peace lilies, which naturally purify the air. 

Additionally, keep windows open during cooler parts of the day to allow fresh air to circulate and invigorate your home. Did you know that you could place a bowl of baking soda near your pet’s sleeping area to absorb odors and keep the air fresh? The only precaution is to put the bowl in an area your pet cannot reach.

Lastly, invest in a high-quality essential oil diffuser and choose oils like eucalyptus, lavender, or lemon, known for their air-purifying properties. Your home will smell delightful all through the summer.

When my kids were young I created a list of things to do. This list contained things to do inside our home and outside in our backyard. Using a picture frame and a dry erase marker we made it reusable!

Get the kids involved with summer chores

Should kids do chores in the summer?

Summer break is the perfect time to start teaching your kids no matter if they are younger kids or older kids to start cleaning. Once the school year ends, build a simple printable chore chart that you download works great, and kids can earn a reward (like screen time) by helping with some chores.

You can find a free summer chore chart available online or create your own daily chores. We created a daily routine and daily checklist in our home. You can find my reusable list idea in this post Best Reusable Activities Kids To-Do List Printable Simply create the summer chore list, slide it in a sheet protector, and use a dry-erase marker so you can use it again and again for those daily tasks.

What are some good chores?

Here are some ideas for your daily chore checklist:

  • laundry
  • trash
  • do the dishes, and load and empty the dishwasher
  • dusting
  • mow the lawn (great for teenagers)
  • weeding
  • vacuum, sweep, mopping
  • clean bathroom (sink, toilets, wipe counters, etc)

These are great life skills for the kids, and earning an incentive (for my son it was video games). It will give them a sense of pride and earn some summer bucket list fun during summer vacation.

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What are some summer chores you should do?  Here is a list of ideas to upgrade your cleaning routine and enjoy your home.

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