Light Housework, Keep Up Easy with these Tips and Tricks

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Are you wondering how to keep up with your housework? Here are some easy tips and tricks to make light housework.

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There is nothing worse than trying to keep up with working full time, raising children, and doing the housework. In the perpetual triangle of life, it’s often the case that one of these three things will always fall through the cracks. You can’t let your job fall through the cracks because that’s what’s getting your money and paying your mortgage. And you can’t let the ball drop on your children, because they deserve the best that you can give them. It’s always the housework that people dropped the ball on and it’s understandable as to why. 

Firstly, housework sucks. The one thing that grown-ups tried to teach you about adulthood is that it’s a lot of cleaning and responsibility. The problem is that we never believe them. Instead of wondering how you’re supposed to get it all done, you need to come up with innovative ways to keep up with the housework. That means reading things like the iRobot Roomba i4 review and learning which appliances can help you while you also outsource things like window cleaning and house cleaning. You need to be able to keep up with the housework so that you can feel relaxed and rested without feeling like you’re stressed and never on top of anything all the time. Below, we’ve got some tips to help you to keep on top of everything without dropping any balls ever.

Are you wondering how to keep up with your housework? Here are some easy tips and tricks to make light housework.

Light Housework Tips and Tricks

  • Get rid of some stuff. You can own less stuff and have less to clean, and that’s one of the most efficient ways that you can keep up with housework. Go through and be relentless with your stuff because you can bet that you won’t have to keep tidying it all up all the time. You can’t keep up with the housework if you have constant piles of things all-around your house – so make sure that you don’t have too much to manage from the beginning and you’ll be on top of it all. 
  • Make a chore list and keep it visible. Sit down with colorful pens and stickers and make a list of your chores and make sure that you can see it! You need to feel motivated to clean and it starts with knowing what you have to do and what’s important. Writing it all down can help you to feel more organized and this will ensure that you stay on top of things. Making a list can help you to keep up with your chores and you’ll see what needs to be done straight away.
  • Use one day a week to catch up. If you’re working 4 to 5 days a week, you need one day for rest, and one day for house admin. That means picking a day of the week where you can really get into the house. The house doesn’t have to take very long to clean, and if you make sure that you make the time for it, your house will be squeaky clean every week. If you don’t want to dedicate a whole day to cleaning your house, use The Organized Mum Method to help you to keep up with your home.
  • Streamline it. Instead of making yourself do the housework and finding it too hard work, streamline it by putting cleaning products in the bathroom, in the kitchen, and in the storeroom. If you have a cleaning caddy in most of the rooms, it makes it so much simpler it just grabs hold of a duster or a cloth and wipe things down. It takes time to bring things from one end of the house to the other, just make sure that everything has a place and that you have a system to be able to streamline it. This will ensure that your cleaning is so much easier to keep on top of, and it won’t feel like such a chore.
  • Outsourced to the kids. One of the best places you can outsource the housework to your children. If they are old enough to be able to partake in living in your home, they are old enough to help you to clean it. After all, they live there too. Children often make the most mess because they leave toys everywhere, food gets everywhere, and they have a tendency to forget to flush the toilet or clean up after themselves. You don’t have to make this a routine, because you can help the children have their own chore routines where they can clean up after themselves as they go. Outsourcing to the kids? It’s a parenting hack.
  • Just get it done. Don’t spend time watching Netflix when you could just use 20 minutes to clean things in your home. All you’re doing is wasting your own time here, and honestly, the faster you just get it done faster your house is clean again. You can lose a lot of productivity sitting around watching TV and while it feels good to do it, you’re going to be staring down the barrel of a dirty home to look after.
  • Set your expectations. What does clean mean for you? Is the surface clutter cleaned up? Or do you mean a deep clean where even the baseboards are done? People have different ideas of what clean, and tidy look like, and so you need to set your expectations of yourself and your family. Keeping up with the housework is not the easiest thing to do, but it’s not going to help if you just push the dirt around. It can often help to start to pick up the big things, clean the medium things, and then get into the nitty-gritty of the house such as the carpets and the windows.
  • Break it down. If you take 15 to 20 minutes every day in each room just to pick up the surface stuff and wipe down the dusty surfaces you will be able to keep up with the housework with ease. You’ll find it so much simpler to be able to work your way from room to room and stay on top of your kids and your job if you are just doing a little at a time.

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Are you wondering how to keep up with your housework? Here are some easy tips and tricks to make light housework.

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