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Upcycled Jar to Glittery Ghost

Upcycled Jar to Glittery Ghost
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I love repurposing, recycling, upcycling, etc. I found this little jar and there were so many ideas floating through my head as to what it could be come.  I finally decided with Halloween (one of my favorite Holidays) coming that it just needed to become a glittery ghost.

Here is the little jar that I found. I washed & dried it to make sure it was clean.

Using Mod Podge you can either paint the inside or your jar, or you can pour it into the jar.

If you pour it into your jar, you will twist it around until it coats the entire jar and then pour out the extra back into your bottle.

Pour in some glitter, twist the jar around until the glitter is all over the the Mod Podge. Pour out the extra glitter.  If it’s dry, you can put it back inside your glitter jar.

While the inside is drying use Black Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint and paint on some eyes.

Let it dry completely and it’s ready.

You can also add a battery operated tealight for some added fun.  This project is great for all ages!

Click on the video below to watch me make this glittery ghost.  


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