Sprinkler Mister House – Fun for Everyone!

Sprinkler Mister House – Fun for Everyone!
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We built this sprinkler mister house for our kids a couple years ago. Great for kids and tall enough for growing children/teens, and adults. We created it so that it could be taken apart and put away for the winter.

Here’s a picture of the base of the PVC pipe house base.

All pipes are 37″ with the exception of the pipe with the hose attachment on it. That pipe is 32″ on one side, tee fitting, and then 4″ on the other side to center.

All corners have elbow fittings

Center has 2 tee fittings

Next we built up. The 4 corners are 37″ high, and the long pvc across on either side measures 74″. Use tee fittings to connect the bottom, middle, and top pvc pipes together.

The top stretch the pvc pipe measures 47″ on all 4 corners.

The top is a copy of the bottom set up with the exception there is not faucet up there so all PVC pipes are 37″ long.

Here is what it looks like completed.

Next you drill holes where you want them to be on your house.

We drilled a total of 10 holes.

2 holes in the 3 pvc pipes across the top

2 holes in the middle of the long middle bars on the sides

2 holes on opposite sides and opposite ends of the base.

Place mister emitters in the holes.

Use noodles, sponges, fly swatters, and rope to decorate your mister house.

Here is what it looked like when we were all done. We did later decide to add 4 more noodles to the top to hold the rope in place.

We opted to not glue the PVC house together. We used a rubber mallet to solidify the pieces into place. Turn the water on slowly and it’ll begin misting. It doesn’t take a lot of water.

My kids are 16 & 12 and still use it today. We invited some friends over to come play in it with us.

As seen on Hometalk… click the photo below to see the video

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