Easy DIY Disc Golf Basket for Frisbee Golf, Fun for Everyone!

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With just a few items you can create a DIY disc golf basket! It’s easy, and inexpensive, and you’ll have the kids playing all summer long.

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Summer is the season for family activities. Yet, who said you have to drop a fortune to have fun with your kids? Instead, you and your family can bond by creating DIY games and playing with them for hours.

One of my favorite things to create in the summertime is a DIY frisbee golf course. Not only is this a fun activity for everyone, but it also allows my kids to get active and play in the sun.

We are going to make an affordable disc golf basket with some tomato cages and old laundry baskets, you can make this easy frisbee golf for your backyard. You will need minimal building skills (just kidding you won’t need any with this easy disc golf basket diy).

What are you waiting for? Keep on reading to learn how I made this fun simple budget golf dish basket backyard activity without using expensive materials or professional tools. Let’s get started!

Easy DIY Disc Golf Basket for Frisbee Golf, Fun for the Whole Family Video

If you want a step-by-step guide to help you create the ultimate frisbee golf course in your backyard, just watch this short video!

What You’ll Need to Make DIY Frisbee Golf Baskets

supplies needed

You don’t need a hose clamp, zip ties, or PVC coupling to do this project. You can still make a perfectly fine frisbee golf basket using old household supplies you already have.

In case you don’t have any of the following, you can make a short trip to the Dollar Store to get them. The total cost of the project shouldn’t be more than $15.

All you need is the following items:

In my case, I got five of each. So, I was able to make five DIY disc golf baskets, with each goal costing about $3.

How to Make Frisbee Golf Baskets

You’ll be surprised by how simple it is to make frisbee golf baskets. If you expected to whip out hot glue, nails, or any other DIY supplies, you’re mistaken. Here are the step-by-step instructions!

Stick your tomato cage in the ground for setting up.

1. Assemble the Homemade Disc Golf Basket

Place your Dollar Tree laundry basket inside the center of the tomato Cage.

Instead, all there is to make an easy DIY disc golf basket is to stick the tomato cage in the ground. Then, place the laundry basket inside the cage. Voila, your frisbee golf basket is ready in seconds.

Here is what a completed one should look like.

A completed basket should look like this. However, keep in mind that not all tomato cages and laundry baskets have similar dimensions.

Both items should be funnel-shaped, so the laundry basket can fit perfectly in the cage. Here’s what a finished frisbee golf basket should look like.

Here are my 5 completed goals put together.

2. Make More Baskets for a Complete Frisbee Golf Course

This might seem like a simple game, but it’s rather addictive. That’s why I decided to make five DIY frisbee golf baskets and create a frisbee golf course in my backyard.

Next place your 5 goals in different areas in your yard.

3. Place The Baskets Around Your Yard

To create a frisbee golf course, place the disc golf baskets around your yard. The number of golf baskets depends on your preferences and the size of your yard, but I believe you need at least three baskets to start.

There is not specific distance or placement, it's totally up to you.
Next place your 5 goals in different areas in your yard.

As for the distance and placement of the baskets, the sky is your limit. If you’re competitive, like me, you might want to place each basket further away from the one before, to make the game more challenging!

There is not specific distance or placement, it's totally up to you.
There is not specific distance or placement, it's totally up to you.

This is how I set my frisbee golf course up. That said, since this activity is turning into a regular thing for my family, I’m thinking about setting these baskets back in our mulch and tree area, as there’s more space.

Give your kids some Frisbees and you are ready to play!

How to Play Frisbee Golf

If you’ve never played frisbee golf before, you’re in luck. This game is easy to make at home and even easier to play. Just hand out the frisbees or discs to your family, and you’ll be ready to play backyard disc golf! Time to practice your throwing skills.

Take turns throwing the frisbee toward the disc golf basket. Once the frisbee lands, it’s the next person’s turn. My family is pretty competitive, so I find it simpler to mark a predetermined spot where we can all throw our discs.

Then, move on to the next disc golf baskets, keeping count of how many frisbees each player has scored.

The more you play, the better your disc golf skills will be. The best part is that you can play solo to hone your skills for the next match.

After a while, you can even take the game to the next level by throwing random items or even playing blindfolded! 

If you have younger children you could use beach balls and have them "shoot hoops" around the yard.

If you have younger children, you can use bigger beach balls, as they’ll be easier to throw. You can even completely change the game, having the kids “shoot hoops” around the yard.

Or smaller balls work well too.

Alternatively, small balls and lower baskets would work as well.

One of the other things I love about this is how well it packs up when you're done playing. Stack the tomato cages, stack the baskets, place the baskets inside the tomato cages, and that's it.

One of the other things I love about this activity is how well it packs up. When you’re done playing, your backyard can return to normal in seconds. Additionally, you won’t be left with clutter.

The reason is that you’ll just stack the tomato cages and the baskets. Next, place the baskets inside the tomato cages and stow them away for later.

Easy DIY Disc Golf Basket for Frisbee Golf, Fun for the Whole Family Video

If you fall in love with the game, you could consider investing in a standard disc golf basket or a professional one. You can also look up the official rules of the game. Though, I find that creating our own rules is much more fun!

Then you can have fun with your disc golf game all summer long.

Want a portable mini disc golf basket? Skip the tomato cage, just bring the baskets, balls/frisbees.

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Other DIY Disc Golf Basket Ideas

The reason I loved using laundry baskets and tomato cages to make my frisbee golf course is the simplicity of it all. Yet, if you’re a fan of this fun sport, you might want to make your baskets with more sturdy materials. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Craft a solid basket using PVC pipes and nylon nets.
  • Make a permanent disc golf course by using a post hole digger, and using cement to hold the basket to the ground.
  • Use a funnel-shaped bucket instead of a laundry basket.
  • Replace the inner basket completely with chains or a net, making something much more similar to the original frisbee golf basket.
  • While making the original disc golf basket requires additional materials and time, you can still do it if you have a drill, hacksaw, screws, nuts, washer, drywall screws, corner brackets, L-brackets, T-nuts, and a Dremel tool.
  • Use a steel rod to make the basket’s central post, and use plywood for better stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can play disc golf?

Disc golf is a versatile sport. You can play it on your own or with other people. Typically, this game is best enjoyed with two to four players, as each player won’t wait too long for their turn. Yet, you can also play if you have a larger family.

Is frisbee golf good for your health?

Frisbee golf is a perfect way to get active in the sun. While this sport doesn’t require the same energy as basketball or tennis, it’s still a great way for seniors and young children to maintain their health.


It’s incredibly simple to create an easy frisbee golf for your backyard. The materials are inexpensive compared to the actual disc golf games, and the baskets take seconds to assemble.

The best part is that you’ll also have a local disc golf course in your backyard. So, you can have some family fun whenever you want!

After you’re done playing, the disc golf baskets won’t take up any place when stored. Just stack the laundry baskets and the cages on top of each other.

Are you ready to make your homemade disc golf basket?

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  1. Oh Chas, you have an amazing yard! I just love all the simple, fun creations you post.

    1. Thank you Linda, we do love our backyard. Can’t wait to spend some more time out there with the kids.

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    1. Thank you so much Lina! I truly appreciate it and you stopping by 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Marie and thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  5. This is such a fun looking idea. We would have to take this to the park however, our garden is about 1/10 the size of yours! (It looks amazing btw)
    I love homemade games, so much more fun.

    1. Thank you Julie and I’m so pleased you like it. Taking it to the park is a great idea if you don’t have enough space – and you could always set up 1 as well.

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