Table Top Gazing Ball/Garden Globe

Table Top Gazing Ball/Garden Globe
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I just love those gazing balls/garden globes in peoples yards.  When I was a kid I always thought they were like a special crystal ball that would have magical powers.  I have notice a lot of people making them lately.  I decide to give it a try and wanted to share it with all of you.  Instead of mine being for the yard or garden, I’m making mine for my table outside.  You will be able to adjust this for the yard or if you want to keep yours indoors.

You’ll want a floral bowl, a flat candle holder base, and flat glass rocks.  I got all of these from Dollar Tree.

Start by hot gluing the rocks onto the floral bowl.  I did the bottom first.

Here is what the bottom looked like when I was done.  There were a few stones that hung a little over the edge.  I wasn’t worried about that as I would be adding them to the sides and they would blend in after that.

I next started on the bottom and glued the stones around the globe one line at a time.  I didn’t worry if there were little spaces or gaps.

If you are going to leave it inside, you can stop here.  If you want it outside you’ll want to pipe in E6000 or a glue of your choice.  Sometimes if hot glue gets too hot or cold the rocks will fall off.  The E6000 will hold up to the weather.  The reason for not using this glue from the beginning is that is doesn’t hold immediately.  It takes time to dry, so You would need to glue the rocks, tape them to hold them, then wait 24 hours, then do another row, etc.  This is just a quicker way.

Let the glue dry completely and it’s done!  Leave as is, or add a battery operated LED or tea light for some ambiance.  I set mine on a flat pillar candle holder.

Here it is all lit up … I love it!


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