Easy Floral Pens
You can make these floral pens in no time at all. They are easy and inexpensive to make, and great gift ideas for friends, family, and teachers. This is a great project for craft time - whether it's kids and teens, a team builder with your colleagues, or craft night with your friends. If you don't want your pens disappearing from your office, or you just want to spruce up your office, these pens are a great option.… (24 comments)

9 Ways To Use Wire Hangers
No wire hangers!!!!   Can you still hear that line from "Mommy Dearest"?  I can and I cannot look at a wire hanger the same anymore after seeing that movie as a kid. We don't use wire hangers in our closets anymore (okay my husband still does - lol), but I have saved some wire hangers and I found 9 ways to use them in and around your home.… (34 comments)