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Upcycled Broken Cake Stand to Color Changing Lamp

Upcycled Broken Cake Stand to Color Changing Lamp
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I came across a box of “free” stuff at a thrift store.  I found a beautiful broken cake stand base and knew I could turn it into a beautiful color changing lamp.

I bought these waterproof, color changing LED lights with remote online. they are really cool – you can pick a solid color, rotating colors, and more. You can find them here

I placed on upside down in this broken cake stand that I found for free at a thrift store.

I then placed hot glue on the top edge of the cake stand. You could use another adhesive if you like but I wanted to be able to get it back off so that I could get to the light in case I needed to replace the batteries.

Another alternative is Museum Wax – it’s designed to hold things in place during an earthquake.

I then placed a bowl I had on hand upside down onto the cake stand.

I let the hot glue cool completely.

I placed the lamp in my living room and use the remote to turn it on. Since the light inside is waterproof and well protected by the glass I can also place it under my covered porch to enjoy on a warm evening.

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