10 Awesome Backyard Living Space Ideas and Tips

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Do you want to know how to make a nice outdoor space? I have 10 backyard living ideas and tips to share with you!

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Do you want to know how to make a nice outdoor space? I have 10 backyard living ideas and tips to share with you!

Your yard should be more than just a glorified extension of your home, or it should be something entirely apart from your home and its surroundings. If done properly, creating a fluid link between indoor and outdoor living spaces may add significant value not only to your home but also to your way of life. With a little imagination, inspiration and a little creative thinking, you can turn your outside space into an additional room in your home, whether you live out in the middle of nowhere with plenty of open space or in the heart of a city like London or New York, depending on where you live and how much open space you have. As long as you provide some sort of connection between the two rooms, whether it is through the installation of patios and balconies or a simple window box, you will discover that you can make your garden a functional extension of your home’s interior design.

If you have a small or large space, it is worthwhile to think about what you might be able to do with it in a creative and innovative way. Look over some of the options below to get you started and to inspire you to join this continually growing trend. Let’s dig into 10 awesome back yard living space ideas and tips!

Backyard Living Space Ideas

1. Remember to take into consideration the physical link to your backyard living space

In terms of linking outdoor and interior spaces, one of the most important factors to make is the physical connection that will be made between the two areas in question. The fact that it is entirely reliant on your property is vital to remember; for example, if you live in an old Historic home, taking out walls to install aluminum bi-fold doors may not be the greatest solution. However, if you are able to do so, think about how you might be able to practically totally eliminate the barrier that currently exists between the two. It will be possible to maximize the amount of available space if you have huge openings, such as floor-to-ceiling glazing or bi-fold doors or other patio doors from Renewal by Andersen Window Replacement.

Many people know I love thift stores and solar lights. Put them together and I can create some great things for my yard. Do you have an old chandelier you don't know what to do with? I picked up a few from thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace, and Nextdoor.com, and I'm turning them into solar chandeliers.

2. Decorate the walls of your home with pictures and artwork

It will be easier to create an exceedingly beautiful outdoor space with the addition of lighting and the ornamentation of garden walls. To protect your belongings from the weather, choose items that are lightweight and easy to transport in and out of the house. If you plan to leave them outside all year, make sure they are either weatherproof or can withstand the appearance of worn weathering.

In addition, there are ceramics that are expressly designed to be left outside in the elements. Canvases that are resistant to water, as well as outdoor wall sculptures, are also available. In addition, vintage enamel lettering looks great when it is put on outdoor brick walls to give the room a more hipster air. When using a hedge to hang your pieces rather than a wall or fence, the struts must be placed inside the branches of the hedge. There are a number of different floor and table alternatives available that are specifically designed for use outdoors.

You can find a number of DIY items I have created for my yard that have come from thrift stores. You can find several tutorials for these items in my Outdoor Upcycles

3. Think about an outside kitchen

Outdoor kitchens, whether fully functioning or simply a cooking area, are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world of convenience. Despite the fact that most people prefer to entertain outside rather than in the kitchen, they do not want to be restricted from doing so.

If you want to install a gas-fueled barbeque, whether it is powered by a gas bottle or by mains gas, make sure there is plenty of space for food preparation and storage. Also consider the installation of outdoor sinks, which will make the cleanup process a lot less difficult to manage.

4. Have you ever considered how you use flooring?

You are not compelled to use patio slabbing or lawn as the flooring in your garden, despite the fact that you will almost probably want some grass in your garden to add color. However, even though it is not encouraged, you could want to explore extending your home’s flooring out into the initial area of your outdoor space if you have an overhead covering over your patio or deck. This also has the additional effect of making both locations appear considerably larger than they truly are on the surface. The use of natural materials, such as wood, tile and stonework, is acceptable both inside and outside; however, care must be made to ensure that they are non-slip when used outside.

5. Keep it as flat and on one level as possible

This one can be difficult since, if your outdoor space was not initially built in this fashion, it may take some significant remodeling work to complete. You should avoid walking steps down into the garden or up into the garden if at all possible, though. In the future, this will prevent the presence of a boundary and a physical distinction between the two spaces, allowing them to flow and connect with one another more freely.

6. Construct a covered area that can be used in all weather conditions.

If you have a beautiful yard, you will want to make to enjoy backyard living all year long, regardless of whether it is raining, snowing, or shining brightly. Making sure you have some sort of enclosed area in place is the only way to accomplish this. This protects you from the elements such as rain, snow, and sun, as well as offers some protection against the wind.

You have the choice of choosing a fixed, permanent covering for your space, or something more flexible and temporary to cover it temporarily. Shade structures such as gazebos or awnings on the side of the home can be added to offer shade. Additionally, wooden structures can be built on top of which a suitable roof can be constructed. In the event that you have settled on an outdoor kitchen or a nice seating area, this may be something to consider as a potential option.

7. Add a source of heat to the mix

In most cases, unless you are fortunate enough to live in a climate where you can count on guaranteed all-year-round sunshine, you will require some type of heating. Although it may be nice outside, if you are out all night conversing with your friends and family, you may feel the chill. Even if the weather is pleasant, this is still true. A patio heater, outdoor fireplaces or a fire pit are both acceptable options; however, before installing either, make sure you have adequate ventilation and that there are no potential fire threats in the vicinity.

8. The availability of Wi-Fi should be increased for your backyard living space

Imagine you are sitting at the farthest end of your garden, and you are unable to connect to the internet because your Wi-Fi is not doing as well as it should. If you are located too far away from the server, the service may be slow, glitchy, or even non-existent completely if you attempt to access it. It may be inconvenient for both you and your guests to deal with the situation at the same time. A Wi-Fi extender or booster will enable you to connect to the internet from any location, so overcoming this issue.

As you can see, treating dead patches, getting rid of weeds, mowing correctly, and watering helps take care of your yard. All yard work pays off and you have a beautiful lawn to enjoy. Plus using our new Worx Landroid mower saved us a ton of time so we could spend more time with the family.

9. Take care of your lawn

Caring for your lawn will help create a welcoming space that you want to be a part of. Enjoying all of the seasons, sit by a warm fire, snuggle up in a blanket, be mindful of the beauty you’re surrounded by. Here are some fantastic yard tips.

As many of your know, I'm trying straw bale gardening this year.

10. Create a garden

Adding a garden is a great opportunity to grow your own vegetables and beautiful flowers. Flowers are wonderful as you can enjoy them outside and you can grow a cut flower garden so that you can bring them inside as well. Harvesting your own vegetables to enjoy grilling outside or cooking inside. Here are some wonderful garden tips.

Other Things to Consider:

Make sure to take into consideration who will be using this outdoor space.  If you have kids who will be using the area, large water features such as a perfect pool will need to be access controlled.  This is also something you may have to hire a professional team with a main contractor.  

What kind of lifestyle do you live?  There are many things that you can choose to use in your outdoor space to fit.  Including:

  • Outdoor Furniture/Patio Furniture
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Patio Covers and Arbors
  • Accessories 

As far as is evident, the trend of linking outdoor and indoor spaces is one that is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Developing the ability to accept it and to create a flow from one situation to another can increase the worth of your property and enable you to enjoy every possible element of your home, regardless of what the weather is doing outside. So what are you waiting for, start enjoying your backyard living today!

Do you want to know how to make a nice outdoor space? I have 10 backyard living ideas and tips to share with you!


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