How To Turn Your Love To Craft Into A Business

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Have you wondered how to start a craft business? I have a few tips and tricks as well as some examples of things you can sell.

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Have you wondered how to start a craft business?  I have a few tips and tricks as well as some examples of things you can sell.

Crafting is a satisfying and, at times, exciting hobby, as creating items and products from scratch can be extremely rewarding. As you work on your craft and get better as you practice, most crafters often get a thought in their head: ‘can I sell this?’

Turning your love of crafting into a sustainable and successful business is not for everyone, as many simply want to use their craft as a way to destress, relax and enjoy themselves. However, for those who see potential profit in the items they create, starting a business based on your crafting can be a wonderful thing, as turning your passion into an income is a dream come true. 

However, this process isn’t going to be easy. Even if you’re making amazing stitched products or are upcycling rubbish into stunning art, turning your produce into sellable assets can be tough. Here’s some guidance on how to turn your crafting into a business. 

Let’s get started on how to start a craft business

1. Get Online

If you want people to start buying your work, you need to start selling them on a platform where people can easily see and find your items. Places like markets and fairs can be a good way to get your products out in your local community; however, to get more consistent eyes on your products, creating an online presence will be useful. 

Some of the key things you should do include setting up a social media where you can share images and details of your creations – Instagram suits this to a tee – and you’ll also want to create a website

You can easily build an online store on websites such as Shopify, where you can use templates to make a store unique to you. Additionally, you can also set up an account on Etsy and find an active audience there. 

2. Get A Dedicated Space

When turning your crafting into a business, you need to change your focus and potentially your environment. Your dining room table might have been fine when working on personal products, but as you work on your business, you need to find a place to create and store your items. 

A converted garden shed or a garage would work well, as would a spare room in your house. You can also try to build one from scratch, but read this guide first about the costs involved to build a shed. When things start taking off, you can also consider renting a business unit to create, store and sell your products from as well. When you do this, make sure to get property insurance for your business so that you’re covered if anything is stolen or damaged. 

3. Have A Routine 

When starting a business based on a passion, it’s easy to throw everything you have at it to make it a success. This is going to lead to burnout and might make you come to despise crafting, as it now has this added pressure to it. 

Instead, make sure to build a sustainable routine so that you can work your life around this project. Be kind to yourself and give yourself plenty of breaks and free time. Figure out the times of the day when you’re the most creative and keen, and then schedule that time for your crafting. 

4. Build A Supply Network

The next step is to build a supply network. You need a range of businesses providing you with unique and innovative materials and wholesale prices. If I were a jeweler, I would find a diamond store near me and get them to start supplying stones without VAT. The same goes for anyone who makes clothes or sculptures. You need seasoned professionals who can supply you with the type of materials most likely to result in your success. When you combine a sustainable routine with a supply chain, you build a viable business.

Did you know you can make scrap wood projects that sell? I created a snowman project, and with a little imagination created rotating seasonal decor and sold it.

How to start a craft business?

You’ll need some ideas of things you can make and sell!

If you’re looking for some craft ideas to make and sell there are some things to consider. Are you selling one-of-a-kind or mass-producing? You’ll want to have access to the materials, know your expenses, and then decide on a price. Here are some ideas and tutorials of crafts to make and sell.

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Have you wondered how to start a craft business? I have a few tips and tricks as well as some examples of things you can sell.

Of course, there are a lot more business-oriented tips to know beyond what was mentioned here. However, these are some tips that are believed to be the most important. Starting a business based on your crafting can be an amazing adventure, be sure to do what you can to succeed. 

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