5 Awesome and Useful Gifts for Crafters

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Do you want some gifts for crafters? I am sharing 5 items that I LOVE or want for my own crafting addiction.

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Do you want some gifts for crafters?  I am sharing 5 items that I LOVE or want for my own crafting addiction.

I love crafting as you all know and today I’m sharing some of my favorite crafting tools. I’ll be sharing why I like them or want them throughout this post. So when I say gifts for crafters, I even received some of these that I’m recommending as gifts.

Let’s get started on gifts for crafters!

6. I hot glued the fabric onto the foam core board.

1. Ryobi Hot Glue Gun

I use this glue gun all of the time for my DIY’s. My husband gave it to me as a gift and I LOVE it. It’s a hot-temp glue gun and creates more industrial DIYs. One of my favorite projects is my Bathroom Vanity Light Makeover DIY which was foam core board, fabric, and my Ryobi hot glue gun!

2. Dremel Rotary Tool

We have used this tool for so many projects as it’s so versatile. We used it to carve a fancy pumpkin at Halloween, and my husband steals it to use for his projects outside. I have used it to carve out our initials in our log side table, made signs, used the mini sander to cut off the spike in a candle holder that I was converting, and oh so much more!

Engrave Glass - Dremmel Tool

3. Dremel Engraver

I love this little engraver as it’s easy to hold like a pencil. I have used this tool on my kid’s school supplies to put their name on them. For example, my kids needed a calculator and the whole school was using the same model. I engraved their last name on the back of it so that they (and everyone else) would know it was theirs. I have also used this tool to engrave spoons and utensils as gifts for others, as well as Engrave Glass. It’s such a useful and powerful tool.

I started by sanding off the original paint and clear coat on them. I wanted to get them back down to their raw form. *I used my Black & Decker Orbital Sander, along with my protective eye wear.

4. Black and Decker Orbital Sander

Another gift from my husband, I have used this orbital sander to update many furniture makeovers. It’s so easy to use, and it saves me so much time over manually sanding. I have used it to sand lightly for chalk paint, and I have used it to sand on a deeper level like rounding corners.

I continued with layers of clear and white and then pushing with the heat gun until I got the look I wanted.

5. Wagner Heat Gun

This heat gun is great for all of my resin projects! Whether it was my Ocean Serving Tray, Coffee Table Makeover, Serving Utensils, or Jewelry that I’m creating, this heat gun helps push the material around for a design, pop bubbles that might form, and more.

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Do you have ideas for gifts for crafters?

Drop them in the comments below, I’d love to hear!

Do you want some gifts for crafters? I am sharing 5 items that I LOVE or want for my own crafting addiction.

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