Easy DIY Grinch Christmas Decorations

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Are you looking for DIY Grinch Christmas decorations? I ran to Dollar Tree and made this easy and awesome DIY for just a couple of dollars.

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So I love making DIY holiday decorations, it really gets me in the Christmas spirit. How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss is a classic favorite with my kids during the holiday season and I wanted to find a way to incorporate this into my Christmas decorations. This is a whimsical holiday decoration a bit outside the traditional theme, but so fun!

Grinch Candy Cane Materials

DIY Grinch Christmas Decorations

How to make a Grinch Christmas decoration?

Grinch Candy Cane

Grinch Candy Cane Materials

To start this grinch craft you’re going to need the following list of items: an outdoor candy cane, some ribbon, some gloves, and a loofah.

Grinch Candy Cane Video

1. Paint A Glove

Grinch Candy Cane Instructions

1. Paint A Glove

I started by laying wax paper onto an old baking pan and then placing the glove on the baking pan. I’m going to be using folk art Ultra dye which you can find at any craft store. First I shake it up and wear gloves on to protect my hands. With the rubber glove on my hand, I slid it into the glove to help me paint the glove easily with the folk art Ultra dye. As you can see I experimented with it and this was the easiest way to do it. Once I had my glove on I went ahead and poured some Ultra dye on my baking pan dipped my paintbrush in it and painted it onto the glove. Once the glove was completely painted I let it dry completely. If you don’t want to use a white glove or don’t want to paint it you could try to find some sort of green glove for this project.

2. Wrap a candy cane form with ribbon

2. Wrap a candy cane form with a ribbon

For this next step, I’ll be using the Dollar Store ribbon. I wanted to make note of where the stake was so that I could decide how I wanted my ribbon to go. I started by hot gluing the ribbon onto the candy cane and let that dry completely. Next, I started twisting the ribbon around the candy cane, making sure to pull it tight and not have any gaps. I found it was easier to take all of the ribbon off of the spool so that I could easily wrap the ribbon tightly around the candy cane. When I got to the end I simply cut the ribbon off and added some hot glue to the candy cane to secure the ribbon. I let that cool completely.

3.  Hot Glue a white loofah onto the top of the candy cane

3. Hot Glue a white loofah onto the top of the candy cane

Next, it was time for my loofah scrubs. These came in a two pack from the dollar store. I’m going to be using the white one, but you could save the green one as a gift for another time. I placed the string side down and inside the loofah, I added a little dab of hot glue and then attached it to the candy cane.

4. Stuff the glove

4. Stuff the glove

The next step is to stuff the glove. I added a couple of cotton balls to each fingertip and then for the center I used a plastic bag that was left over from some groceries. You can adapt this however you need. You can use fiberfill or other items to stuff your glove.

5. Glue the Glove to the Loofah

5. Glue the Glove to the Loofah

Once the glove was all stuffed I stuck the string into the glove to give it a little extra strength and I hot glued the glove closed over the top of the string.

6. Hot glue a bulb between the glove fingers

6. Hot glue a bulb between the glove fingers

I used a dollar store ribbon and tied it through a dollar store Christmas bulb. I then hot glued it to the fingers so the fingertips looked like they were pinching the string.

Are you looking for a grinch candy cane?  I ran to Dollar Tree and made this easy and awesome DIY for just a couple of dollars.

The Grinch candy cane is done!

I had a second glove so I stuffed it and added a bulb to it as well

Optional decor idea

I had a second glove so I stuffed it and added a bulb to it as well.

I wrapped the pool noodle with white athletic tape. I wrapped the fishing line around the pool noodle to bend it into the shape of a candy cane. The fishing line is clear, so it is not noticeable.

Now if you remember from the past I made pool noodle candy canes. You can check those out on my Candyland video or on my blog tutorial.

Are you looking for a grinch candy cane?  I ran to Dollar Tree and made this easy and awesome DIY for just a couple of dollars.

I pulled the glove up onto the end of the pool noodle. The candy canes are the perfect decoration if you are looking for an easy outdoor setup.

I added bulbs to the bottom but you could add some presents if you like and make it a whoville Christmas tree. You could stick this in a Christmas tree or nearby. You can swap out the bulb for a green candy cane, or white candy canes, or create a candy cane heart. If you want you can use grinch candy cane inflatable decor and adapt that. I once used a grinch airblown inflatable and set him up removing the string of lights from my railing.

DIY Grinch Christmas Decorations Video

More DIY Grinch Christmas Decorations

I drew a face on the other side so we could have him up longer than just the holiday season.  Now we can celebrate Dr. Seuss Day as well.

DIY Grinch Pillow

You might be interested in grabbing some hot chocolate and checking out my Easy and Fun DIY Grinch Pillow for the Holidays with the grinch face’s smirk. There is a second Grinch option on this tutorial as well.

DIY Grinch Ornaments & Grinch Christmas Ornaments

Create whimsical DIY Grinch ornaments by repurposing old Christmas bulbs. Paint the bulbs Grinch-green, add mischievous facial features using craft supplies, and finish with a red ribbon for a playful touch. These handmade ornaments will add a touch of Dr. Seuss-inspired charm to your holiday decor.

Grinch Christmas Tree

Transform your Christmas tree into a whimsical wonderland with a Grinch-themed twist. Adorned with vibrant green ornaments, mischievously shaped Grinch faces, and pops of red accents, this tree captures the spirit of Dr. Seuss’s classic character. Complete the look with a playful tree topper, like the Grinch’s Santa hat, for a festive and fun holiday centerpiece.

What do I need for a Grinch tree?

Creating a Grinch-themed Christmas tree is a fun and festive DIY project. Here’s a list of items you might need to make your own Grinch tree:

  1. Artificial Christmas Tree: Start with an artificial tree as your base. The size of the tree is up to you and the space you have available.
  2. Green Ornaments: Choose a variety of green ornaments to represent the Grinch’s color. Look for shades of green, including bright and vibrant tones.
  3. Grinch Face Ornaments: Consider adding Grinch face ornaments or create your own Grinch faces using craft supplies like felt or foam. These could be placed strategically around the tree.
  4. Red Ornaments: Incorporate red ornaments to represent the Grinch’s Santa suit or other festive elements. This can add a nice contrast to the green theme.
  5. Red Tree Topper: Opt for a red tree topper, reminiscent of the Grinch’s Santa hat, to complete the look.
  6. Faux Fur Trim: Add a touch of whimsy by incorporating faux fur garland or trim, symbolizing the fur on the Grinch’s Santa suit.
  7. Grinch Figurines: Small Grinch figurines or plush toys can be placed on the branches to bring the character to life.
  8. Grinch Quotes or Signs: Create or purchase small signs or print Grinch quotes to hang on the tree. This adds a personalized and thematic touch.
  9. String Lights: Use green or white string lights to illuminate your Grinch tree. You can also opt for lights with different settings for added visual interest.
  10. Ribbon or Bows: Consider using red ribbon or bows to tie in the Grinch’s color scheme and add an extra layer of decoration.
  11. Tree Skirt: Choose a tree skirt that complements the Grinch theme. It could be red or green or feature Grinch-related patterns.

Remember, the key is to have fun and get creative with your Grinch tree. Feel free to adapt and personalize the elements based on your preferences and the materials you have on hand.

DIY Grinch Wreath

Craft a delightful DIY Grinch wreath by repurposing a plain wreath form and adorning it with vibrant greenery and mischievously placed Grinch-themed elements. Incorporate the character’s iconic red Santa hat, a cheeky Grinch face, and a festive bow to bring a touch of whimsy to your front door. This handmade wreath is sure to steal the show and spread holiday cheer with a Grinchy grin.

DIY Grinch Stocking

Elevate your holiday stockings with a whimsical touch by creating DIY Grinch stockings. Start with plain stockings in Grinch-green hues, then add mischievous details such as a handcrafted Grinch face, faux fur trim, and a personalized touch with your favorite Grinch quotes or phrases. Hang these festive stockings with care for a Dr. Seuss-inspired twist on a classic Christmas tradition that will surely bring a grin to your holiday celebrations.

Grinch Outdoor Garland

Transform your outdoor space into a Grinchy delight with a DIY Grinch outdoor garland. String together vibrant greenery, whimsical Grinch faces, and red accents to capture the mischievous spirit of Dr. Seuss’s beloved character. Hang this festive garland along your porch railing or outdoor entryway to create a playful and eye-catching display that is sure to bring a touch of Grinch-inspired charm to your holiday decorations.

DIY Grinch Family

Transform ordinary cardboard boxes into a whimsical DIY Grinch family by painting them in vibrant Grinch-green hues. Cut out playful Grinch faces and iconic red Santa hats from additional cardboard pieces, then attach them to the boxes. Arrange the cardboard Grinch family members in your living space for a festive and budget-friendly holiday decoration that brings the mischievous charm of Whoville to your home.

Now if you’re not into the Grinch, you could amend this to get creative by perhaps taking this idea and making something that is reminiscent of hero academia like black panther, little mermaid, Star Wars, teenage mutant ninja turtles, fantastic beasts or another crafty character. You could always just get the airblown characters and I personally like the winter soldier or nutcracker. They go up quickly and then deflate for easy storage as well. If you do some work you can find some of these with free shipping for standard shipping instead of a delivery fee so be sure to check out your available shipping methods while doing your research.

Shop any of these stores and I receive a small commission at no cost to you.

DIY Grinch Christmas Decorations Q & A

Is The Grinch green or red?

The Grinch, a character created by Dr. Seuss in the book “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” and later adapted into various films and other media, is primarily known for being green. The Grinch has a greenish complexion, which is a key characteristic of his appearance. However, he may wear a red Santa Claus suit in certain scenes or depictions, especially when he tries to impersonate Santa in the story. So, while his iconic color is green, the red suit is part of his disguise during the Christmas-stealing antics in the narrative.

Is the Grinch light or dark green?

The shade of green used to depict the Grinch can vary in different adaptations and interpretations. In Dr. Seuss’s original book, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!,” the Grinch is depicted as a more muted or olive-green color. However, in various animated and live-action adaptations, the shade of green may differ. In the 1966 animated TV special, the Grinch is a lighter, more vibrant green, while in the 2000 live-action film starring Jim Carrey, the Grinch has a darker and more saturated green hue. The specific shade of green can depend on the artistic choices made by the creators of each adaptation.

What are the Grinch colors for Christmas?

The Grinch colors associated with Christmas are primarily green and red. The Grinch, a character created by Dr. Seuss, is known for his vibrant green color, representing his distinctive and mischievous appearance. Additionally, red is a significant color in Grinch-related imagery, often seen in the Grinch’s Santa Claus suit as he attempts to impersonate Santa in the classic story, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!”

When creating Grinch-themed decorations or incorporating the Grinch into your Christmas color scheme, using shades of green and red, along with touches of white for contrast, can help capture the essence of this iconic character and the holiday spirit.

Are you looking for a grinch candy cane? I ran to Dollar Tree and made this easy and awesome DIY for just a couple of dollars.

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I hope this inspires you to make some fun candy cane Grinch hands of your own. I’d love it if you’d subscribe to my YouTube channel and my blog at chascrazycreations.com. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in my next video and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe! Merry Grinchmas!

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