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Easy Grinch Pillow

Easy Grinch Pillow
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I was at IKEA and found a pillow there on clearance for $2.  I brought it home and turned it into a Grinch pillow for the holidays!

For this project you’ll need:

A pillow or green pillow case to go over a pillow

Optional dry erase marker

A black permanent marker

Red/Yellow Permanent marker

A grinch face of your choice… there are a ton of options online so find the one you like the best.

Optional Santa Hat

I turned my pillow so my Grinch would be inside a diamond shape to fit the appearance of his face.  I started by drawing a nose in the center of my pillow so I could work my way out and I used a dry erase marker in case I didn’t like something.  Then I could wash the pillow and start over.

I next drew on the eyes and eye brows around the nose.

I added his mouth.

I traced over all of the dry erase marker with a permanent marker.

I filled in his eye brows lightly.

I colored in his eyes red to match the movie when he is mischievous.

I added a Santa hat to the top of his head and he was finished.  You could glue or sew this hat into place but I opted not to because…

I drew a face on the other side so we could have him up longer than just the holiday season.  Now we can celebrate Dr. Seuss Day as well.

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