Awesome Halloween Cobweb Lantern

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I am so excited to share with you all – I’m upcycling a lantern that I found for .75 at a garage sale into a spooky lantern for Halloween. The secret to great cobwebs…. hot glue!

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Here is the original lantern that I found at the garage sale for .75.  It had been in the elements and was weathered and I knew it would be great for Halloween!

I first took some spider rings and cut off the ring part. You wouldn’t have to do this if you didn’t want to.

I cut some fishing line in longer lengths and I hot glued one end to the plastic spider.

I wanted and set the spider to dangle inside the lantern, so I hot glued the other end of the fishing line to the top of the lantern.

I did this with 3 spiders total and then I cut off the extra fishing line that I didn’t need.

Now comes the secret… HOT GLUE!

I have to admit, I learned this trick from an autistic boy I had the privilege to work with back when I did before and after school care. One of his passions was making hot glue spider webs and he loved teaching me how.

I let my glue gun get good and hot. I dabbed some hot glue onto the lantern and then pulled up and as the string of glue was still there I attached it to another spot on the lantern. I continued doing this again and again until I got the cobweb look I wanted.

You can see the webs here. I did this to 3 of the 4 sides of the lantern. I wanted 1 side open so I could put the battery operated tea lights into the holders.

I have to admit, I had an amazing set of these tea lights that came with a remote! You can find it here – LED Tea lights with Remote

Here it is all lit up, but I have to say the picture just doesn’t do it justice. The webs shimmer in the light and it is so incredibly awesome!

Click on the video below to watch me make this spider cobweb lantern.  

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Awesome Halloween Cobweb Lantern Video

Share it with others!

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  1. Oh Chas, this is amazing! I love how you can think ahead when you’re at a garage sale and can have such a unique idea come from someone else’s reject. It looks absolutely fabulous in front of the mirror! Great technique with the hot glue. My DGD has played with this idea when she is just “doodling”. She loves making “strings & globs”. LOL Great project!

    1. Thank you so much Linda, and I have to admit when I bought it I thought it was just a cool lantern. My mind was spinning with so many ideas … a bird feeder, a solar lantern, but I was waiting for the right idea to come to me and then this one arrived and I’m so excited about it. Hugs my friend!

    1. Thank you so much Donna and thanks for stopping by.

    1. Thank you for hosting a wonderful party Jodie 🙂

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