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Easy and Beautiful Fall Candle

Easy and Beautiful Fall Candle
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I love fall, it has become one of my favorite times of the year.  I grew up in Minnesota where there were so many fall colors.  I miss that here in Colorado, we get yellow aspens but that is about it.  I decorate my house with some seasonal touches that bring all those fall colors into our home.  I made this project years ago and get so excited to bring it back every fall. I also love the way when the season is done that it packs away nicely.

You’ll need the following items: (affiliate links below – see disclaimer)
Peel the corn off the cob into a bowl. It is actually pretty simple and fun to do. Use your fingers to rub down the cob and the corn will start to fall off. Once it’s started it comes off really easy.
Use as many ears of corn as you like , & pick the colors of your corn cobs – there are so many to pick from.
*Sometimes I find that there are a lot of extra pieces from the cob that peel off into your bowl. If you don’t want these in your jar – take your corn in the bowl outside and stir it. The loose pieces will fly out of your bowl and you’ll be left with the kernels.
Pick your candle holder and candle to go with the corn. You can use any size and shape, and you could use a recycled jar as well. I am using this bird candle holder that I picked up at American Furniture Warehouse, and my candle I love to burn in the fall is Yankee Candle Spiced Pumpkin.
Put your corn kernels in your candle holder.
Push your candle into the corn kernels. If this is too difficult, you can always do the reverse and place your candle in first and put your kernels in around the candle depending on your holder shape and size.
Fill your candle holder up as little or as much as you want.


I usually fill it up half way, but this year I’m filling it all the way up.
I love the color, and I love the smell that will fill the house. I hope you like it and will be inspired to make one as well.

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