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Easy Homemade Snowman Candles

Easy Homemade Snowman Candles
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Winter is coming, and I’ll admit I’m not a fan of the cold!  How about you?  With the holidays coming it’s time to make some easy homemade snowman candles for the holidays.  What I like about these snowman candles (besides it’s easy & very affordable), is that you can keep it up even after the holidays.  I keep a lot of my snowmen stuff up and out until it’s time for spring decorating.
You’ll need:
A candle – real or battery operated
Paint Brush
Optional fleece/scarf
First use Dixie Belle Midnight Sky to paint on the snowman face of your choice.
You’ll see the candle on the right I decided to paint his lid as a hat.
The candle on the left is a battery operated candle, but you could do this on pillar candles as well.
Using Dixie Belle Florida Orange paint on a carrot noise.
Optional – cut a small piece of fleece to wrap around your candle as a scarf.  Another option is to buy a scarf and wrap it around the base of a bigger candle.  Then the scarf can be used by whomever you are giving it to as well.


You’re gift is ready to give!  Kids can get in on this project – great for gifts and classroom parties.

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