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Puzzle Pieces to Snowflake!

Puzzle Pieces to Snowflake!
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Do you have a puzzle laying around that isn’t being used or perhaps it’s missing pieces?  I have a great project that turns puzzle pieces into a magnetic snowflake!  It’s super easy, kids can get in on the fun as well.  Great for gift ideas, craft night, classroom parties, etc.

Spread your puzzle pieces out, and you’ll need about 7 pieces per snow flake.  You can adjust this project however you like.

Hot glue or glue your pieces together.  Here is how I did it.  I set one piece in the center and added 3 pieces angling out on top of that 1st piece in a triangle type shape – one on the top, and 2 in either bottom corner.  I then added a top layer of 3 more placing them in the spaces of the first layer.

I bought a package of magnets from the Dollar Tree, and cut the extra into square/rectangle shapes.

Glue the magnets onto the back of the puzzle pieces.

I used Dixie Belle Fluff paint to paint the whole snowflake shape white.  You could paint the puzzle pieces first if you’d rather.

While the paint was still wet, I sprinkled white glitter onto the snowflakes.

Let dry completely, and they’re ready to hang or give as a gift.

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