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Upcycle Plain LED Tree to Birch/Aspen Tree

Upcycle Plain LED Tree to Birch/Aspen Tree
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I have had this plain LED tree for a while.  I almost got rid of it last summer at our garage sale.  I just felt it was missing something.  When I was walking through Target this holiday season I saw they were selling trees like this one and they looked like aspen or birch trees.  They were super expensive and the light bulb went on!  I can do this with my tree with just a little Paint!

You’ll need:

An LED Tree – find one on clearance this time of year or see link below

Dixie Belle Midnight Sky

Dixie Belle Fluff

I used painters tape to cover all the LED lights.

I painted the entire tree with the Dixie Belle Fluff

When that had dried I accented the tree with Dixie Belle Midnight Sky to give it the Aspen/Birch look.

How many of you look at those trees and see the eyes looking at you???

Here is the finished tree, and I love it so much more now!

I’m excited to put it back up again after the fresh new update and I have a feeling it’ll be up longer than just the holiday season.



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Comments (7)

  • It’s new look is wonderful, my friend. I always enjoy seeing your amazing creations 🙂

    Hugs! Stephanie-The Enchanting Rose

    • Thank you so much Stephanie and the feeling is mutual with all your creations and blog posts as well. Big Hugs and Happy Holidays my friend 🙂

  • I love birch trees. As a matter of fact, we planted one when we first moved into this house 45 years ago. I need to find one of these light branch trees like you used to make one of these for my office. That room never get’s decorated and I have to clean it up and clear things out. It’s on my to do list. 🙂

    • Thank you Linda, and worst case if you have a spare branch laying around you could always use that (either a real birch branch or another that you paint) and add lights from the Dollar Tree to it 🙂

      • Duh, I didn’t think of using a real branch. LOL We did have to have one of them trimmed way back a couple of years ago because when it snowed a lot, the branch would lay down over our driveway. We had to shake it numerous times to get enough snow off of it so that it could pop back up. 🙂

  • what a transformation! Well done!


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