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Upcycled Vases to Glittery Snowman

Upcycled Vases to Glittery Snowman
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I grabbed 2 vases at the thrift store and with a little floor cleaner, glitter, and extras I turned them into a glittery snowman for the winter season!

I got these 2 vases at the thrift store – one will be the head and the other will be the body.

Start by pouring Pledge floor cleaner into the vase.

Swirl the floor cleaner all around the vase so that it coats the entire vase.

Pour the excess back into the floor cleaner container.

Pour white glitter into the vase.

Spin the vase around to coat the entire vase in glitter. Pour out the excess onto a paper plate. You’ll be able to put this extra glitter back in the jar for another use later.

I set the first vase aside and did the same process with the second vase. I let the 2 vases dry completely.

I placed the first vase onto the second vase like this to make the snowman shape. You could glue these vases together with an adhesive of your choice. I decided not to but you’ll see why soon…

I added a hat to his head. I found this cute one at Dollar Tree.

I hot glued on some button eyes, nose, and mouth. I was lucky enough to find a whole container of buttons at the Dollar Tree as well.

I hot glued 3 buttons onto his belly.

I added a scarf I found at Dollar Tree to his neck.

He’s all decorated and ready to go.

I decided not to glue my head and body together as I added a battery operated LED light to his body for added glow.

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