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Flower Pot Hanging Star Lamp

Flower Pot Hanging Star Lamp
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I took a dollar store flower pot, flipped it upside down, added a dollar store light, drilled some holes in it, and turned it into a hanging star light!  

You’ll need a flower pot, a battery operated LED light, and a chain or something to hang your lamp up when you are finished. I’ll be giving you other options and ideas along the way.

Pick a flower pot you like, and if you want personalize it by painting it, Mod Podge pictures on it, add stickers, etc. I found this blue black flower pot at Dollar Tree. Punch out the pre-fabricated holes in the bottom of the flower pot. If your flower pot doesn’t have holes, simply drill some. Depending on what you are using to hang your light – you might be able to get away with less holes as well.

I used a chain that I had from a flower hanging basket (Dollar Tree). You could also use rope or string.

I took the hooks from my flower basket and laid them inside the basket like this. You will need the surface area to be flat so you can adhere the light inside.

You can hot glue the hooks into place, use a glue of your choice, or ….

use gaffers tape to hold them into place.

This light came from Dollar Tree and had a self adhesive back on it. Add your batteries, and stick the back on. If you want it to be a little more secure, you can glue the back to the bottom of the flower pot.

Stick your light onto the bottom of the flower pot.

This light is a touch light, meaning you simply put the light button and it turns on and off. To get to the batteries later it is no problem as this unit twists off from the back leaving it in place while you pull the unit out to replace the batteries.

You could stop here and leave the lamp as is, I’m turning this one into a star lamp. Use a drill to drill holes in any size of your choice or a variety of sizes in random places around your lamp.

Your lamp is ready!

Hang it up where ever you want and turn it on.  The stars are a little hard to see in the photos but they are really cool in person.

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