Bottle Cap Magnets & Flower

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Do you need a fun gift for Father’s Day?  Maybe one the kids can help make?  Make a useful gift and turn bottle Caps into magnets.   Then to top it off give that special man in your life bottle cap flower…

You’ll need a hot glue gun, bottle caps, and magnets

Add a little hot glue to the back of your magnet.

Place inside your bottle cap.

Use your magnets where you need them.

Next we’ll make a bottle cap flower.

You’ll glue your magnets into your bottle caps.

Hot glue a skewer onto a can lid.

On the front side of the can lid, place one of your magnet in the center.

Continue adding the magnets around the can lid.

You are finished. Now you can give a flower of bottle cap magnets for Father’s Day.

If you didn’t want to make the magnets –

You could hot glue or use a glue of your choice to adhere the bottle caps to the lid instead and put it in your garden.

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