Magnet Hacks

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Magnets can help you in so many ways! They make so many different shapes, sizes, and each of them with a little creativity can help you in your home.

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Glue a circle magnet to the bottom of your hammer with hot glue or a permanent glue of your choice. This magnet will hold your nails so you don’t lose them while working on a craft. You can do this with screw drivers and other tools as well.

Hot glue a circle magnet on back of a plastic up and …

attach it to your fridge. Your kids have a drink cup waiting for them whenever they are thirsty.

Have a vent that needs to be covered up or block the airflow? Cut a magnetic sheet to the vent size. I got my magnetic sheets from Oriental Trading Company.

Cover your vent. This will help you block airflow, or cover an eye soar. If you want to get more creative, Mod Podge a picture or fabric on the back side and make it intentional art work.

Hot glue some twine onto a recycled can.

Start winding the twine around the can until you get to the top. Once you are at the top, add a little hot glue, and place the end of the twine in the glue. Hot glue a circle magnet onto the back of the can.

To go with the can above, take a picture frame and add a piece of blank paper inside the frame.

Glue on 4 magnets – one to each corner. I used rectangle magnets for this step.

Place your frame and can onto the refrigerator or on a metal door for a message board.

Do you have a window by your front door that you would like to cover up for some privacy? I used magnetic hooks that I found at Walmart to place at the top of the door on either side of the window.

I cut up and old sheet to become the curtain. I used the fold at top of the sheet, sliced each end so I could slide a dowel that I had cut to fit through the sheet, and hung the dowel onto the magnetic hooks.

Now I have curtains to create privacy around my front door.

I had just painted a canvas that I wanted to hang up. I hot glued 4 circle magnets on the back side of the picture.

I was able to hang my artwork on my refrigerator to display.

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  1. Chas,
    Really liked all the magnet hacks. I will definitely have to try some of them. Like your picture that you painted.

    1. Thank you so much Marian, and thank you on the picture. It was a free follow along class online, Plaid does it once a month and it’s a lot of fun to do.

    1. Thank you very much, I’m glad you like it. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Wow! Why didn’t I think of the cup on the refrigerator for the kids water.

    1. Thanks Kippi, I would have loved to have done this when my kids were younger. Now they are old enough to reach the cupboard – lol.

  3. Great ideas Chas, especially the one with the curtains. We need to do that here at home too

    1. Thank you Michelle. I just wanted a little more privacy since everyone often rings the door bell and looks inside. Want to be safe with my kiddos too.

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