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Collapsible Playhouse Tent & Hideout

Collapsible Playhouse Tent & Hideout
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Do you remember building hideout tents under tables and with different blankets and sheets?  Several years ago I learned how to make a collapsible playhouse tent and hide out for my kids, and I believe I learned how to create it from Family Fun Magazine.  What I loved about it?  The whole thing could be put away or transported – Collapsible table and the hideout playhouse could be folded up and put away.  This tutorial will help you build a collapsible playhouse tent & hideout for any size table.

I used a collapsible table for mine, but you can make this for any table you wish.

Start by measuring the table width. (We’ll call this W for our fabric addition.)

Next measure your table depth. (We’ll call this D for our fabric addition.)

Last measure your table height. (We’ll call this H for our fabric addition.)

To figure our how much fabric you’ll need use this formula:

Fabric Width = D + H + H

Fabric Length = W + H + H

You can pick out a fabric you like or use an old sheet.

You’ll need pinking shears to cut and prevent fraying

Optional – remove the corners so that your fabric will lay nice on your table.

Create a windows and a door by cutting 3 sides but leave the top so it can be opened and closed.

Use Velcro circles or strips so that the windows and doors can be attached to stay open.

Use fabric markers to decorate your playhouse.  You can add a sheet protector to make a change able sign to insert – “Welcome”

Here are the doors and windows closed.

Here a picture with my daughter inside – my kids are so much older now, where did the time go???

Time to collapse it… place all the folds on top of the table and then continue to fold it up.

Store it in a box – I found one of their old signs for their playhouse, they used to play Hotel For Dogs with all their stuffed animals.

If you used a collapsible table – fold that up and it’s ready to be stored until the next time.

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