7 Amazing Personalized Kitchen Gifts for Any Occasion

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Do you want some personalized kitchen gifts for someone who loves to cook? Are you looking for gifts for foodies or someone with a passion for food? I have 10 amazing gift ideas for any occasion.

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Personalized Kitchen Gifts

Sometimes it can be hard to pick out gifts for friends and family. I sometimes have trouble figuring out what to get my parents for the holidays, birthdays, and Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

1. Cooking Classes for Personalized Kitchen Gifts

My mom was just diagnosed with a second cancer. While I was sitting with her during her infusion, she mentioned she’d like to take a cooking class or go somewhere to prepare meals she could freeze or eat that week. Now I knew an idea for her!

Personalized Kitchen Gifts

Did you know Sur La Table has cooking classes that are both in person or online? The range of classes they offer is fantastic (and they have teen classes). Now my mom shouldn’t really go out and be around a lot of people with her treatment as her immune system is compromised with the treatment. I was so very excited to see Sur La Table also has cooking classes online, and guess what, they start at only $29, and right now you can save up to $15 on select cooking classes now at Sur La Table!

Now I know what to get my mom for a gift, or even a couple of gifts. I think my mom would really love their “Online Italian Winter Favorites” class as Italian is one of her favorites.

Let’s talk about more personalized Kitchen Gifts!

personalized kitchen gifts

2. Airfrier (Great for everyone)

We have an air fryer in our home and LOVE it!!! My kids use it all the time for quick meals. I have made some fantastic things in mine like my Air Fried Chickpeas. They’re like a mini convection oven and you’ll love what it can do! Philips Avance XXL Air Fryer. You can pair this with air fryer recipes making this the perfect gift for a budding chef.

3. Accessories

In addition to the air fryer, you can buy tons of accessories for baking, grilling, and pizza! Accessories like kitchen towels, kitchen linens, tablecloths, placemats, aprons or cooking utensils are the perfect presents for anyone who loves to cook or host. I use my air fryer in the summer for all of these so I don’t have to turn the oven on. And, as I mentioned before, my kids love using it like crazy for quick meals. Philips Accessories

4. Seasonings and Rubs

My brother loves to grill and cook, so for him, I love to get unique seasonings and rubs. This is a useful personalized item that can work for so many people who love to cook, and these can fit any budget.

For movie buffs, perhaps a popcorn movie night seasoning gift. We love movies and popcorn. We have a selection of seasonings to sprinkle on our bowls of popcorn for added fun.

5. Personalized Mug

Mugs are useful and they can be make memorable gifts, personalized for anyone! You can go with a monogrammed mug for a person’s first or last name, my daughter loves character mugs so picking out something like a Santa mug for the holidays is great for her, and for someone like me I would want the Nutcracker mug.

6. Drinks for personalized kitchen gifts

Another useful and customizable gift idea. Buy accessories for their favorite drinks or even the drink they like. This is great for coffee, tea, hot chocolate lovers, etc. Plus you can pair it up with a personalized mug from above.


7. Shop Clearance for personalized kitchen gifts

I love sales and shopping clearance. I was able to find some great personalized kitchen gifts for any occasion at Sur La Table.

Personalized Kitchen Gifts

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