Easy Upcycled Trashcan and Recycle Container

Easy Upcycled Trashcan and Recycle Container
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We recycle at our house and so we have 2 trashcans in our kitchen.  One is for trash and the other is for recyclables.  We wanted a clear way to tell them apart, so I upcycled my recycle container!

Originally I had taken painters tape and done this to our recycle bin but the tape was falling off and it was time to do something new and fun.

I found these wall stickers and letter stickers at Dollar Tree.

I first cleaned the trashcan inside and out, and let it dry completely.

I placed the wall stickers onto the front of the trash can. I picked the tree wall sticker as to me it reminded me of being Eco Friendly.

Next I added the word Recycle with the letter stickers above the tree wall sticker. This would make it clearer that this is our recycle bin. I love how it turned out!

Want to see the video?  Click the link below…

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