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3 Items To Recycle To Keep You Warm During Winter

3 Items To Recycle To Keep You Warm During Winter
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I have 3 items that you might want to recycle to keep you warm during the winter.  These projects are super easy, you might already have them laying round, and they can make great gift ideas as well.

Project #1 Mittens to Hand Warmers


Fill the mittens with rice.

Sew or hot glue them closed.

You can make them in a variety of shapes and sizes.

You can warm them in a microwave and use them as hand warmers.  If you use hot glue, be careful not to warm it too much as the glue loosen.  If this accidentally happens, just let it harden again and it’ll be fine.

You can also use them as cold packs by placing them in the freezer.

Project #2 Leggings to Door Draft Stopper


My daughter’s leggings had a hole in one knee so I’ll be recycling the good leg into 1 door draft stopper.  If you have a good set of leggings, you could make 2 door draft stoppers.

First you’ll cut the top part of the leggings off as you’ll only need the legs.  Next you’ll close one end of the tights by either sewing or using a rubber band, hot glue, ribbon etc.  Next you’ll fill it with rice, beans, sand, of your choice and then close the other end.  If you live in a damp climate you can opt to put your rice/beans/sand inside a plastic bag first before going inside the legging.

That’s all there is too it and you have a door draft/windowsill stopper.

Project #3 A Blanket to A Warm Cover-Up


My blanket is 60 x 50.

You’ll start by folding your blanket in half.  If you have a square you could do this in a triangle shape and go for the poncho look.

On the fold side in the center, use your scissors to make a slit about 8-12 inches wide.

Slide your head into the hold and it’s ready to wear plus you have use of your hands.

Great for sporting events outside to go over jackets, gifts for loved ones, etc.!

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