Easy Rolling Crate Storage

Easy Rolling Crate Storage
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We have limited storage in our place and I needed to find a way to store our blankets. I found just how to do it using wooden crates!

They sell these crates everywhere, and mine came from Walmart.

I decided to lightly sand the crate since we’d be storing blankets in them and our hands would be reaching in and out of them.

I went to Home Depot and grabbed some wheels and screws. The longer screws would be doing in 3 of the 4 holes and the smaller screw would go in the last hole.

*High in site, I would have bought the wood crates with the extra wood in the 4 corners so that I could have used the same sized screw in all of the holes.

I started by drilling a pilot hold in first where all of the screws would go. This would prevent the wood from splitting when I placed the screws in. I then screwed in the screws in all 4 holes of all the wheels.

Here’s the completed rolling crate.

I placed my blankets in the crate and wheeled it under our side table.


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