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DIY No Sew Sweater Pillow

DIY No Sew Sweater Pillow
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My husband wasn’t ready to part with this sweater but knew he wouldn’t wear it anymore. I turned it into a no sew sweater pillow for our home.

This is the original sweater, it was a gift to my husband from his grandma. He wasn’t wearing it anymore but didn’t want to part with it as it since it was a memory he had with her. I asked him if he’d be okay with me turning it into a pillow so it could be loved again. He agreed.

I started by cutting off the sleeves.

I then cut off the top of the sweater using the lines that were there to guide me.

I hot glued the sleeve openings together. (You could alternatively sew this project if you like.)

I hot glued the top of the sweater a few inches in as I wanted to have a flap to match the bottom of the sweater. I also dabbed hot glue on the very inside of the top edges to prevent fraying.

On the bottom of the sweater I measured self-adhesive hook and loop fastener.

By creating an opening like this, I would be able to wash the pillow and pillow case.

I placed the self-adhesive hook and loop fastener inside the bottom of the sweater. I did this about as far in as I had on the top creating a flap on both sides so the top and bottom would match.

I stuffed my pillow inside the sweater and pressed the hook and loop fastener closed.

Here’s the completed pillow.

My husband is happy to see this sweater every day, and my kids love laying on it which also makes him happy as well.

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Comments (16)

  • I am from Portsmouth in the UK originally but i have been living in Canada about 30-40 minutes west of Ottawa Ontario, Canada

    • Thank you so much for sharing Tracy. I was fortunate to do some traveling in the UK a couple years ago and loved it there. I have only been to Canada briefly and hope to travel and see more someday.

  • Such a great idea for all the sweaters we don’t wear anymore and taking closet space because they are in good condition and we say we will still let thecwear them but never do. Let the pillows hunt begin.

  • Great idea for folks who don’t sew. You could still make your own pillows from old sweaters. I love a DIY up-cycle project! Have a great week, Kippi #kippiathome

    • Thank you so much Kippi! I actually didn’t learn how to sew until much later in life (my husband taught me when his grandma gave me a sewing machine – lol). I have learned to use a hot glue gun for so many projects. We always keep one on hand and ready at our dance productions 🙂

  • Using hot glue is smart, can they be washed? Found you on Simple Homestead Blog Hop.

  • Saw you on Bloggers Pit Stop. What a great idea for recycling those old sweaters. My DH will NOT wear a sweater but has plenty. I now know what I will be doing with them 😉

  • It turned out great! I love a good new sew project. I also love pillows, so this is right up my alley. Thanks so much for sharing at Sweet Inspiration.

  • I have a huge pile of clothes to get rid of. Now I’m thinking I’ll go back through them and see what I can use for pillows! ❤️😊
    Thanks for the idea!!! 🤗

    • Thank you Jen, and I love that you are thinking about making some pillows too. They’re fun and I think make my house feel cozy during the cold winter months 🙂

  • What a great idea to use your husbands sweater and make a really nice pillow out of it. Thanks for sharing at Cooking and Crafting with J&J!

    • Thank you so much Julie. We are enjoying it so much more now and he’s thrilled to see it every day. Thanks for stopping by.


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