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Ways to Repurpose and Upcycle Bakeware

Ways to Repurpose and Upcycle Bakeware
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I was given the challenge to find different ways to upcycle and repurpose bakeware. I loved this challenge and actually came up with more than enough ways, but here are a few of my favorites…

1. Lazy Susan
Place 1 pie pan on your table and fill it with marbles.
Place a second pie pan on top and you have a lazy susan. You can use this on your table, in your refrigerator, or to hold cans filled with craft/office supplies (see tutorial for craft supplies here – https://www.hometalk.com/28919780/repurposed-can-caddy-3-options?r=2)
2. Shoe Tray –
Fill a cookie sheet with dollar store rocks and place by your door.
Set your shoes on it, it’ll protect your floor from getting wet, as well as protect it from dirt, mud, etc.
3. Make a 3 Tier Stand –
Use a pizza pan as the base. Next I E6000 glued a glass to the center of the pizza pan.
I placed E6000 on top of the first glass and set a pie pan on top of it. I took a second glass and added E6000 to the top and bottom of that and placed it in the center of the pie pan.
Last I placed a cake pan on the very top and let dry 24 hours. You can use this for serving at an event, or use it in your home to store jewelry, supplies, etc.
4. Use It As A Planter –
I used a bread pan and filled it with dollar store rocks. I placed a fake succulent plant in the center and added 2 battery operated led lights on the side and covered those with rocks.
I added 2 plants on either side of the succulent that were from a floral arrangement. My battery operated lights were waterproof so I added water to the pan for the live plants.
5. Make A Wreath –
I hot glued together a bunch of tartlet cups. You could use a stronger glue like E6000 if desired.
Once it is set, hang it somewhere to enjoy.
6. Make a Chalkboard Tray –
For this I painted a cookie sheet with chalkboard paint. You can find the full tutorial here
Not only is this good as a lap tray, but you can also use it as a message board…
A learning and game tray for kids. Use it with magnetic letters, play tic tac toe, & great for car rides as a lap tray as well!
7. BBQ Menu, Magnet, Utensil Holder, Tray, and so Much More…
Add some hanging magnets, BBQ utensils, and you have a Father’s Day gift for dad. See the full tutorial here
8. A Message Board –
Add some contact paper to a cookie sheet.
Next add a magnetic pen holder, as well as some magnetic clips to hold notepads and post it notes.
You could also use this as a serving tray.
9. Garden Flowers –
I spray painted some of my tarlet cups white. I E6000 glued 2 Dollar Store glass rocks into the center and let them dry.
Once that dried, I used silicone on the back to secure a kebab skewer.
I let that dry completely and added them to my garden display in my front yard.
10. Wall Art –
I spray painted 6 cake pans white, and then I spray painted 1 pie pan gold. I let that dry completely.
I placed the pie pans in a circle, and added silicone to the back of the pie pan.
I placed the pie pan in the center and let it dry completely.
I carefully flipped the piece over as it was not very stable. I added some hot glue to the cake pan edges and let that cool.
I also added some gaffers tape to secure the piece.
I hung the piece outside on our shed.

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