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Easy Tic Tac Toe Game – Great for Travel, Gift Idea, Backyard, Etc.

Easy Tic Tac Toe Game – Great for Travel, Gift Idea, Backyard, Etc.
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This tic tac toe game is a simple gift idea, travel game, fun for the backyard… it’s easy to make, and it’s inexpensive!

Materials needed: *Cutting Board (mine came from the Dollar Tree) *Flat marble rock/stones (mine came from the Dollar Tree) *Electrical or Gaffers Tape *Optional Sharpie *Optional Travel Bag

Start with the cutting board and add your electrical or gaffers tape to it to make the “#”. You could use a sharpie if you wanted as well.

Mine has been outside all year, & as you see in this picture it’s still holding together. We are in Colorado which means hot summers, snow in winters, wind, sun, and rain…

Pick out 2 shades of stones from your bag – for your “x” and “o”. Use a sharpie to draw the x and o on the bottom. You could leave them plain as long as you have 2 shades to tell the difference. We made 5 “x” and 5 “o” and that seems to be enough.

I put our whole set in a cinch bag and hang it on our gazebo with a carabiner. The bag keeps the game together and makes it easy for travel. I had my bag on hand, but you could get a zip lingerie bag from the Dollar Tree to keep the game together in.

Have fun!

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