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2 Easy and Inexpensive Lap Trays

2 Easy and Inexpensive Lap Trays
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These are inexpensive and easy lap trays. Adaptable for many occasions and customization. There are 2 versions from you to pick from. I’m gearing up for the Super Bowl, so mine are customized for that.

For the first version, you’ll need: A 11 x 14 picture frame (Dollar Tree) 2 choppers – or handle of your choice (Dollar Tree) Personalize-able items to decorate (napkins are from Dollar Tree) Either Hot Glue or E6000 Adhesive *Optional – Dry Erase Marker

Open up your frame and personalize your lap tray with whatever you want – customize it per person, birthdays, movie viewing, etc. Since I’m gearing up for the Super Bowl, I decided on football napkins.

I opened up my napkin, placed it inside, and closed the back of the frame.

If you decide you want to use handles, you’ll need to glue them on. I used choppers for my handles that I found at Dollar Tree. You can either glue them on with hot glue which is a little less secure but allows you to open back up the frame if you want to change what’s inside, or you can use E6000 for a more secure and permanent hold.

Glue your choppers onto the back of the frame.

You’re tray is ready and you can use a dry erase marker to personalize each tray for an event. When you’re done, it wipes right off.

Now onto the second lap tray option…

For this lap try you’ll need: A cookie sheet pan (Dollar Tree) Chalkboard paint of your choice (I used Rust-oleum, Amazon) Paint brush Painters Tape Chalk

I taped the edges of my pan with the painters tape to stop the paint from getting on the edges.

Paint on the chalk board paint and let dry. Follow the directions, mine said to let the paint dry for 3 days.

Pull off the painters tape.

Season the chalkboard paint by using a piece of chalk sideways and coloring the whole surface area. This step is important so that when you write on it the writing erases – if you skip this step your chalk words won’t erase as well.

Erase all the chalk.

Use the chalk to personalize for the event.

One of the things I like best about this tray is it’s great for traveling with kids – bring it in the car and they can use it to eat off, doodle with chalk, play games like tic tac toe or hangman, and they are still magnetic – so bring along those magnets and magnetic alphabet letters for fun!

Now you have your own lap tray to bring your food to watch your event. Which one do you like best?

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