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Metal Multi Use Tray Upcycle

Metal Multi Use Tray Upcycle
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I found this metal tray in a pile of free stuff.  I brought it home because I knew I could upcycle it into a multi use tray!

Here is the original tray. It had been painted once and the paint job was uneven, and didn’t do the tray justice.

I started by sanding the old paint off to create a smooth surface. Once sanded, I washed it clean off all dirt and debris.

I then painted the entire tray with Folk Art Chalkboard paint and let that dry completely.

After the tray had dried, I seasoned the chalkboard. Color in the entire surface with chalk.

Then erase the chalk. This is to prevent writing from sticking on the chalkboard paint and making it erasable.

You can use the chalkboard tray for games, and it’s great for a lap tray as well.

You can make it a message board.

Or I opted to add a Folk Art Holiday stencil and held it down with Plaid stencil tape.

I then used Folk Art Erasable Liquid Chalk. It’s really cool stuff. Slide it over the stencil and the chalk comes out.

I carefully peeled up my stencil and let the liquid chalk dry. Then I placed it on my front porch for everyone to see. You could change this up for every season.

One thing I looked for but couldn’t find yet that I wanted to add/note.  You could also use those seasonal magnets they sell at Dollar Tree.  You can use them on refrigerators, doors, and they would work on this metal tray as well.  Change them up seasonally and great for kids.

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