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Dollar Store Glowing Candle

Dollar Store Glowing Candle
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Here is an easy project with all things from the dollar store. Great for yourself, gift, or crafting night. A wonderful option for those who have kids &/or pets.

You’ll need:

Dollar store LED candle

Dollar store glass rocks

Hot glue gun – glue sticks can be found at the dollar store as well.

Add hot glue to the back of a glass rock.

Place the rock with glue on the candle.

Add these rocks in a circle around the top of the candle.

Add a second row around the candle.

Continue adding rows until the candle is full of rocks.

Place the candle in a candle holder of your choice.

Turn your candle on.


Place your candle where you want to display it.

Looks great in the evenings, adds great ambiance, and no flame.

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