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Easy Decorative Floral Light

Easy Decorative Floral Light
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Creating an easy floral light is just a trip to the dollar store!  This project is simple, inexpensive, elegant, and great for so many seasons!

I was inspired by this Dollar Tree project and gave it my own twist. 

For this project you’ll need the following:

Fake flowers


Battery operated tealight

A candle holder of your choice

The first thing you will do is pull a flower head off the stem of your bouquet.

Next you will need to pull apart all the layers of the flower head. Be sure to keep them in order as you will need to remember how it goes back together. If your flower has plastic that held it together (like the green pieces in the picture) you can dis-guard those.

You’ll be sliding the flower layers over the the battery operated tealight. You will most likely need to cut a small slit in the center hole of the flower layers for it to fit over the tealight.

You’ll put each layer of the flower onto the battery operated tealight as you see here.

Continue to add each layer of the flower….

until it’s all put back together. Feel free to fluff it up. If you accidentally cut a slit too big, just add a little hot glue under the flower layer to hold it in place.

Once your flower is complete, pick a candle holder of your choice to finish the display. You could also use a bud vase – there are so many possibilities.

Place your flower onto your candle holder.  

Place the flower somewhere in your house to enjoy.  Looks good day and night.

So many flowers, so many candle holders, so many options! Easy to adjust for the seasons.

Add ambiance to any room, great for holiday centerpieces or nightlight. Keep it for yourself or give it as a gift – great for craft night too.  Makes a great nightlight too.

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