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Upcycled Tuna Can Candle Holder

Upcycled Tuna Can Candle Holder
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Take an old tuna can, add a little bling, decorative filler and candle of your choice, and you have an easy and inexpensive upcycled tuna can candle holder.

You’ll need:

Large tuna/chicken can

Diamond wrap or other exterior wrap of your choice – ribbon, paper, etc.

Crushed mirror glass or filler of your choice – rocks, sand, etc.

Hot glue gun

One of 3 ways to light it – tealight, battery operated tealight, or Sterno can.

Cut your diamond wrap to fit the outside of your can.

Hot glue (or other glue of your choice) the wrap into place.

Place your crushed glass (or filler of your choice) into the can.

Option 1 – place your tealight in your can.  Light it when your ready.  Place it somewhere in your home to enjoy.

Option 2 – Place a battery operated tealight inside it.  You can chose to place it on top, or bury it lower in the glass.  Turn it on and enjoy.

Option 3 – place your Sterno can into your can.  Place the crushed mirror glass on top and around the Sterno can.  Light it and this one will put off a little heat if needed.  (Great for emergencies too)

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