Best Laundry Room Essentials You Can’t Live Without

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Are you wondering what laundry room essentials you should have? Here is a list of things we can’t live without in our home.

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Are you wondering what laundry room essentials you should have?  Here is a list of things we can't live without in our home.

laundry room essentials Must-Haves

Whether you have a big laundry room or a small laundry room we’ll cover the items you should have on hand no matter what. Here are some steps to get your laundry room ready.

Clean up your space, you’ll want a designated space to do your laundry so you can set it upright. If you like going into your laundry room it won’t feel as much like a chore.

Washing Machine and Dryer

There are a lot of options out there. If you are tight on space you can buy either a stacking unit, or you can buy one unit that does both the washing and drying. Things to consider when picking out your washer and dryer. There are top loaders and front loaders. If you get front loaders, don’t forget to purchase the additional base, and if possible why not get the extra drawer storage while you are at it? If you don’t get this base, you’ll be sitting on the floor moving your laundry from one machine to another… trust me I know because that is what we have now. I loved my top loader and will probably go back to it as it’s easier to get into, move laundry, etc.

Must have products for cleaning laundry

There are very important laundry products when it comes to actually doing your laundry that you’ll want to have on hand. These items include:

  • Laundry basket (or 2, I like to have one for whites and one for darks) Some people prefer hampers so that the lid closes and you don’t see the mess.
  • Laundry detergent (I recommend a liquid detergent so you don’t have to worry about it dissolving in water), soap, pods, or if you don’t want to use harsh chemicals like me, I have an O3 Waterworks it cleans clothes by using ozone infused water. This machine will save you money in the long run by using no detergent, or fabric softeners works best with cold water saving on heat, etc.
  • Stain remover to get rid of those pesky stains
  • Dryer sheets, wool dryer balls, or fabric softener
  • Bleach can be bleached for whites, and you can buy oxy bleach like Biz which is safe for colors.
  • White Vinegar can be used in place of laundry detergent and or fabric softener. White vinegar is fantastic at getting all the chemicals and soap out of your towels, fights the mildew smell, and allows them to be fluffy again. Vinegar is also great for cleaning out both your washer and dryer.

In addition to the above, you’ll need a Machine Cleaner This is especially important to keep those front loaders clean. The rubber around the front door tends to get moldy. All machines need to be cleaned out on the inside, and these products also help with the stinky water that sometimes sits inside. I have a whole tutorial dedicated to cleaning your washer and dryer and you can find that information here How To Deep Clean A Washer and Dryer Quickly and Easily

Trash Can – Don’t forget to clean your lint trap out between loads. It is important for good airflow and fire prevention.

Now that your laundry is done, you’ll need the following

  • You’ll need a designated place for folding. It’s nice to have a table nearby. We place a table on top of our washer and dryer for folding. You can also buy tools to help with your folding and get your kids involved with the help.
  • Know your drying time for clothes. Some of your delicates and fitness clothes should not be dried. You will want a drying rack to hang those items on to dry.
  • Iron and Ironing board – I have an iron mat that I can place on top of my washer to iron in the laundry room. A board folds up nicely and can be put away between cleanings.
  • A lint roller, these are great for removing lint that is still stuck to your clothes as well as pet hair.

It’s nice to have

  • Hang your clothes on hangers and place them on a tension rod
  • A laundry sink is fantastic for soaking, and …
  • A shelf for all of your storage and we keep our cleaning supplies in our laundry room as well. We also keep some of these in our bathrooms for easy cleaning.
  • A spray bottle with water and or vinegar to release wrinkles while you’re hanging the clothes.
  • If you’re lucky enough to have a closet or little nook you can store your mop, broom, paper towels, and other cleaning supplies in it and keep them out of the way. If you don’t have a closet, I have used pool noodles to make a hanging storage space for these items.
  • Steamer, if you don’t like to iron a steamer is a great alternative. I actually prefer steaming over ironing. It seems to get the wrinkles out easier.

Other Laundry Room Essential Inspiration

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Are you wondering what laundry room essentials you should have? Here is a list of things we can't live without in our home.

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