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4 Ways of Tension Rod Fun for Kids & Teens!

4 Ways of Tension Rod Fun for Kids & Teens!
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Here are 4 ways to use a tension rod for kids and teens that are inexpensive & easy!  Hours of fun for kids, and your teen will be so excited to add these to their space.

First let’s start with the kids!


Puppet Theater


Attach a shower curtain (and you can purchase one at the Dollar Tree if you like) to your tension rod.  Another option would be to use a piece of fabric and buy curtain clip rings to attach to the fabric and slid onto the tension rod.  Place the tension rod on the mid to low end of a door way depending on your kid’s height.  You can trim up the shower curtain to make it shorter if you like too.


Fashion Show Run Way


Attach a shower curtain to your tension rod or again use fabric with the curtain clip rings and slide onto the tension rod.  Place the tension rod high up on the door.  Lay down a vinyl red table cloth on the floor as your red carpet runway.  Kids can dress up and take turns coming out in their different outfits.  My son use to love this too as he always came out in his super hero costumes.

***What you will love about the above projects – EASY CLEAN UP!  Fold it up and put it away until the next time 🙂

Now for the Teens


Ribbon Divider

You’ll need a tension rod, shower curtain rings, and ribbon of your choice.  My son and daughter both loved this and they picked out a variety of ribbons they liked.

Cut your ribbon to the length of your door or window – whichever you are using it for.  Tie one end of the ribbon onto the shower curtain ring. You could hot glue a loop if you’d rather.  Slide your ribbon onto your tension rod.

Continue adding ribbons until you have the desired amount. (We used 3 sets of shower curtain rings.)  Adjust your pinch rod in your door or window.
Spread out the ribbons so they fill the space.

Curtain Divider

You’ll need a tension rod and a single panel curtain for this, you could use a piece of fabric and either sew or hot glue a fold in the top, or use fabric and the curtain clip rings.  Another option would be to use a shower curtain with a design they like – or get a white one and give them some fabric markers or sharpies depending on the material and let them draw and be creative!

Slide the curtain, fabric, or shower curtain onto the tension rod, & place up in their door way.  They will enjoy having this personalized doorway divider.  The best part is you can still open and close the door.

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