Upcycle Jars to Candle Holders (2 Options)

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Upcycle your jars into candle holders or containers – it’s easy and inexpensive!

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For this first project you’ll need:

A jar

Mod Podge

Paint Brush

Squares of tissue paper

Tealight Candle

Paint the Mod Podge onto the jar

Place a tissue square onto the Mod Podge.

Continue painting Mod Podge on the jar, and placing squares of tissue paper on top of Mod Podge until the jar is covered.

Coat entire jar with another coat of Mod Podge over the tissue paper.

Let dry completely. Final result will be at the bottom.

For the second project you’ll need:

A jar

Mod Podge

Paint Brush

Glitter in color of your choice

Tealight Candle

Paint Mod Podge onto your jar. I opted to only do 1/2 the jar.

Once you have Mod Podge all the way around the jar, you are ready to add the glitter.

Sprinkle glitter onto the Mod Podge

Let dry completely.

Once dry you’re done. You can place a tealight candle inside and use them as candle holders. You could put gifts inside the jar and give them to someone, or store things in the jars for yourself.

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  1. So cute, Chas. I can just see my grandkids loving to use the glitter! (and me cleaning up the glitter, even if they use a tray. LOL JK )

    1. It’s so true. I felt so bad for janitors in my kid’s elementary school that I always used disposable table clothes and disposed of the glitter so carefully so they won’t have such a task after the holiday parties.

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